50 Great Venues in North America List

50 Great Venues in North America List

Destination events are on the rise, but you don’t need to ship your whole conference over to Europe or Japan to feel the inspiration of being in a new place: there are hundreds of amazing and stimulating venues in North America that will breath new life into your upcoming meeting or conference.

Finding the right type of speaker for your event

Finding the right type of speaker for your event

Finding the right speaker for your event is essential; while people will probably have trouble remembering whether the coffee was good or not, or even the location the event was held at,  they will remember the speaker.

So, how do you go about finding the right speaker?

25 Quotes to inspire event planners

25 Quotes to Inspire Event Planners

Event organizing is hard work. Even if you’ve done it a hundred times: there are always new challenges around each bend, and sometimes it can be difficult to stay inspired to put your all into each event.

7 Tips from an event organizer on how to avoid catastrophe

7 Tips from an Event Organizer on How to Avoid Catastrophe

Aleksandra Lugovic, SpeakerHub’s Business Developer and Co-Founder of EuVENT, shares with us some of her best advice on how to run fantastic events. Her advice ranges from “I-wish-I’d-thought-of-that” practicality to the less than obvious nuances that can turn an event from good to great.

5 Ways to keep your speakers on time

5 Ways to Keep Your Speakers On Time

As an event organizer, it is a delicate balancing act between respecting the speaker, the audience, and the needs of the conference. Making sure that each of sessions and presentations run on time assures fairness to all the speakers and keeps things moving for the audience. Here are some tips on how to keep your speakers on time.