Connect audiences & generate leads with your content: Shared Folders now available


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Connect audiences & generate leads with your content: Shared Folders now available

We just launched a brand new feature on SpeakerHub that will help you connect with your audience, generate leads and position yourself as a thought-leader by sharing your resources.

The new “Shared Folders” section under My account will help you share content with your audiences and generate new leads.

From your presentation slides, publications, books, videos, articles or external links you may have mentioned during your talk (or would be great material for further exploration), you can create various “packs” of information for each of your talks, webinars or training sessions, and share the unique links with your audience.

Shared Folders

What are SpeakerHub’s Shared Folders?

  • - You can create a variety of folders, and within each, add presentations, links, PDFs, articles, white papers, video or audio links, books: whatever supports your presentation and benefit your audience after (or during) your talk. 
  • - Give each folder a unique name, description, and most importantly, access level setting. Each folder has its own link, so sharing to a different audience is a breeze. 
  •    - Set the folder’s availability by optionally adding an expiry date.
  •    - Decide whether the title of the folder should (or shouldn’t) be visible on your public speaker page.
  •    - Set the folder’s visibility any way you like: public, registered SpeakerHub users only, password-protected (will become a paid feature from December 2017), or add a lead-generation form to access the content.
  •    - You can add a testimonial or recommendation box to request audience feedback directly on the sharing page. 

Unlimited uploads

You can upload as many files as you need to, and as many folders as you like (within reason, and some limitation might become a paid feature in the future).

If you have dozens of talks, or you change each workshop to be unique for your audience, you can set up individual shared folders for each.

Add any type of file, for example:

  • PowerPoints (.ppt and .pptx)
  • Open Document Presentation and Open Document Text  (.odp and .odt)  
  • Word Documents (.doc)
  • And PDFs (.pdf)

You can also include external links pointing anywhere, including links to YouTube videos, Amazon books, SlideShare links, iTunes podcasts and app downloads or other.

Any number of items can be placed into a shared folder. Each file is limited to 5MB, and each folder is limited to 30MB.

Generate leads and testimonials

What sets this tool apart from other options is that it is directly linked to your SpeakerHub profile to help you get more speaking opportunities, and generate leads and testimonials.

Lead Generation

By setting the privacy of your shared folder’s content to “Lead Generation Only”, it requires audience members to provide their name, email address and, optionally, company name before they can access your content. (The emails are validated, so they must be real. *feature as of Sept 2017)

You will be able to download each lead’s contact information, and get in contact with them personally, or add them to your email list or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. You can foster connections and follow up with people who are already interested in your content.


Most importantly, when a folder is shared, you can optionally ask for a recommendation or testimonial directly from your audience on the sharing page.

The more testimonials and recommendations you have, the stronger your profile stands out to each potential event organizer.

Find out more about how to get great testimonials here.

Privacy settings to keep your content safe

We know how hard you work on your content, and sometimes you may not want to share it with everyone, just with those who paid to participate at your event, webinar, or training.

That’s why we’ve made sure to give you control over the privacy settings for your content. 

You can make your shared content:

  • Public: available to everyone via the unique link or on your SpeakerHub profile
  • SpeakerHub members: fellow speakers or event organizers present on SpeakerHub
  • Password protected: only those with the link and the password can access
  • Lead Generation Only: audiences must provide their name and email address to access the contents.

You can also control how long the content will be available for. 

If you’d only like it to be available for a certain time period before or only after your talk, you can set the timeframe.

After the expiry date, it will no longer be accessible for the audience, nor will it be displayed on your profile page (but it’s kept in your private SpeakerHub account if you’d like to re-share it).

Need help making your profile up to 100% complete? We’ve got a team on hand who can help, for free. Email us directly.

Love this feature? Have ideas for improvement? We’d love to have your advice. Contact us here.


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