Event technology: Top 10 blogs to read


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Event Technology: Top 10 blogs to read

There are new apps and tools being invented everyday to help make your event as fantastic as possible: but how do you wrap your head around the onslaught of new tech? What should you be using? What is the best of the best?

Luckily, there are experts available to help you out.

We rounded up the ten best event tech blogs out there that will help you make sense of the ever-changing world of technology, and how to figure out which tech will work best for you.

We know that reading ten blogs a week is pretty unreasonable when you are a busy event planner, that’s why we are not only going to list the blogs but help you choose which ones are the best for you.

Three questions to ask yourself before deciding which blog you’ll need:

  1. Are you super tech-y? Do you want the highlights or the in-depth details?
  2. How long do you have to read articles? Do you have under a minute to get the details or a good 20-30 minutes per article?
  3. What kind of things do you want to focus on? New tools, trends or product reviews? Or maybe a mixture of everything?

Read below to find out more about the Top Ten Event Tech Blogs

  1. Bizzabo


There is just so much great content being added every week to the Bizzabo blog: from how to use common tools (like Twitter) better, to which metrics you should be looking at when analyzing your ticket sales. 

We like how it is broken up into three main group: Event Marketing, Event Engagement and Event Management, so that you can dive deep into the topic that applies most to you this week. 

Over all, Bizzabo has something for just about every type of event planner, the average article read time is about 5-6 minutes, usually providing more in-depth, “how-to-use-this-thing-properly” style articles. 

  2. 2. Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings

Smart meetings is a fantastically comprehensive blog that covers a variety of technology topics seamlessly: from new apps, to news from the tech industry, to very practical lists and tips: this blog is pretty much perfect for an event planner who wants to be up on all the news, trends and ideas. 

We really liked the easy tags, which will help you sort through the hundreds of helpful articles. The tags include categories like “How to”, “Social Media”, “Apps” and “Technology News” so you can filter and focus the information most relevant to you. 

The average article takes 3 minutes to read, getting quickly to the point and helping the reader understand a bit about the topic. If you really only want to use one blog, and have a steady stream of variety of information: this is a perfect source. 

  2. 3. Meeting Pool

Meeting Pool

All the blogs on this list are great in their own unique ways, but we have to be honest and tell you that Meeting Pool is one of our very favorites. From the comprehensive content to the overarching visual appeal, Meeting Pool has one of the best event tech blogs online. 

Meeting Pool posts about two tech articles a month, and the topics have a wide range, but will help event planners stay on top of the trends and new tools, without requiring a load of time and effort. 

The average article takes about 4 minutes to read: however there is a much wider range in article lengths: some articles taking upwards of 10 minutes to read and others under 2 minutes. If you are looking for a blog that will keep you updated, but doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to do so, we’d recommend Meeting Pool. 

  2. 4. Corbin Ball

Corbin Ball

When you arrive at Corbin Ball’s blog, you might notice it is slightly less flashy than some of the other sites on this list: don’t let this put you off- the information is in-depth and on target. 

We like how this blog has the easy to navigate side panel which will direct you to the exact tech topics you are looking for: like surveys and polling, hotels and venue technology, and futurism.  

This is not the kind blog for super-speedy content consumption. The average article takes about 5 minutes to read, with some of the more in-depth articles (such as the technology trends to watch for) can take upwards of 15 minutes to read. These article are for event planners who want want a wide scope of information, that really dive into the content for a full bodied explanation. 

  2. 5. Event Tech Brief

Event Tech Brief

There are some things we absolutely love about this site: like how on the ball it is for finding out about the latest tools and trends. But there are also some things that make us want to pull our hair out: like how hard it is to find articles about a specific topic and how there are no headers, and the hard to digest, large chunks of text.  

This site is the kind of site you have to visit weekly to get the most out of it, but they know what they are talking about, and it is a great way to stay on top of the latest trends and tools. The average article read time is about 2-3 minutes, usually just giving you a great overview of what is new.

  2. 6. Event Manager Blog

Event Manager Blog

This blog focuses on four main Event Tech topics: Startups, Event Apps, Social Media, and Videos, so if you know what you are looking for from those topics, you should be able to quickly find some great content. 

The Event Manager’s tech side focuses on the highlights in the industry, so this blog is perfect if you have minimal time and just want to stay in the know. 

The average article read time is under 5 minutes (note, the case studies run a bit longer at 7 to 8 minutes), and usually focuses on the need-to-know elements of the tools and apps. Want to reduce that time? Skip directly to the conclusion to get the cliff notes.

  2. 7. Event Industry News

Event Industry News

There is so much more to this blog than just articles: from webinars to podcasts to videos, the information is spread across a so many mediums that finding your perfect way to digest the info is easy. 

Although they post multiple times per week in the Event Tech section, most of the articles take on a news format as opposed to helpful “how-to” articles, although there are some of these in the mix. We should also note that as the magazine is based in the UK, many of the articles seem to focus on industry news within the UK and London. 

The average read time for one of the articles on Event Industry News is about 2-3 minutes, reading very much like news article: covering the basics:  who, what, when and where. 

  2. 8. Connect Your Meetings

Connect Your Meetings

This blog focuses a handful of very helpful topics, such as career advice for event planners, trends and marketing, and Planning 101. 

If you are looking to stay on top of new tech, check out their Tech category, they add a new article each week on a variety of topics which range from charging stations to new apps. 

The average article read time is around a minute. These articles are very short and to the point, perfect for event planners who have a lot to do and need the information easy and fast. 

  2. 9. Event Tech Guide

Event Tech Guide

The Event Tech Guide puts out one or two posts a month, with topics that range from inspiring quotes to system integration. We like how the articles are helpful and interesting, but you don’t feel like there is a complete onslaught of information. 

This is a great blog to visit once every few months, and get caught up on some of the newer trends. It isn’t necessarily exhaustive, and perhaps you wouldn’t want to rely on it as your sole source of event tech information, but the fun and informative writing style, and breadth of topics will keep you coming back for more. 

The average article takes 2 minutes to read, and the articles are entertaining: who said tech should be boring? This is a good blog for event planners who have a pretty casual interest in event tech, and only want to to read an article every few weeks. 

  2. 10. EventBrite: Event Tech

EventBrite: Event Tech

Who better to write about events than world's largest self-service ticketing platform? EventBrite knows events. Although the blog focuses more heavily on event promotion than new technology, there is still a lot of helpful information for event planners looking to level-up. 

We’d suggest exploring outside of the Event Tech tag: as there is a lot of helpful (and tech-related) articles under the “Event Planning and Promotion” tag. From articles that explore the newest trends and tools, to helpful ways to connect with your audience and sell more tickets. 

The average article takes 4 minutes to read, and the content is broken down into easy steps, lists and bulleted points. If you are more focused on filling seats and growing your audience, and want to know how tech can help you do this, check out the EventBrite blog.

Which blog is your current favorite? Are there any we missed off this list you that think should be on it? Email us here. Looking for a speaker for your next event? Find the perfect speaker easily with SpeakerHub. Search now. 


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