Introducing SpeakerHub’s SkillCamp for professional speakers

Introducing SpeakerHub’s SkillCamp for professional speakers

Go directly to the new SkillCamp.

This collection of resources has been build specifically for professional speakers looking to level up their speaking skills and speaking business.

The articles, podcasts, infographics and videos will provide you with new tips, expert insights, practical how-tos and inspiration.

SpeakerHub’s Skill Camp

Last year, we ran a survey and asked you: what do you need to help you build your business?

You came back to us with clear and distinct areas that you felt would help you. They were:

  1. Clear how-to and skill-building articles

  2. Expert insights from experienced, high-level speakers

  3. Help with more bookings

  4. Inspiration

We’ve taken your request and built a whole new section on the SpeakerHub platform called the SkillCamp.

The concept is to take the four areas you asked for, and offer articles, how-to, interviews with experts, infographics and videos focused on helping you build your business.

At the moment, we already have 100+ articles, interviews, infogaphics and how-to on the SkillCamp. Check them out now!

The SkillCamp for Premium and VIP Account Holders

We are constantly looking for new ways to offer value to our VIP and Premium Members, which is why we have introduced a variety of new articles and interviews that are for our VIP and Premium Account Holders only.

The content we are creating for these account holders looks specifically at what can help mid-to-high level speakers grow their speaking business.

This section of the SkillCamp is for speaker who are already booking events, and have speaking skills, but want help with heavier topics, like integrating better marketing tools, negotiating contracts, or how to book a TEDx Talk.

Is this what you are looking for? Find out more about our VIP and Premium Accounts here.

Still a novice speaker? No worries, we have dozens of articles and infographics for you on how to build your speaking skills. See them here.

Please note: If you have been following our blog, you will notice a difference in the kind of content we are posting. The blog will continue running, with interesting material like lists of the top speakers in the world, blog updates, articles on audience engagement and infographics.

Setting your US or Canadian State/Province on your profile

While we have your attention, speakers: we have now made it possible to list your province, state or region on your profile.

When adding in your country, simply select the state that you live in as well.

Still having some trouble with getting your profile up to 100% complete? We’ve got a team on hand who can help. Email us directly.

Do you have any suggestions for ways we could improve the site? We’d love to hear your ideas. Contact us here.

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