Manage Multiple Speakers: New Agency Dashboard

Manage Multiple Speakers:  New Agency Dashboard

The Agency Dashboard is designed to help speaking agencies and managers of speaker directories handle multiple speakers, with a consolidated inbox, statistics, and a more streamlined way of updating data.

We know that as an agency, corporation or alumni association, you are managing dozens, if not hundreds of speakers, and having a central, well organized tool to do this is essential.

The dashboard is built to list hundreds of speakers and field any number of requests from departments around the world.

It is a simple tool that will make sure agency managers can edit speakers’ profiles easily to keep them up to date.

The dashboard lists all your associated speakers, and managers can edit or update any data, notification preference, or other settings.

You can set all the speaker’s inbound messages to be routed to and centralized in the agency manager’s SpeakerHub inbox (and/or receive email notifications) so you, as the manager, can handle correspondence for them.

You can also add private notes to each speaker’s profile that only you will see.

We’ve also developed a statistic section, so you can find out more about the visits to each speaker’s profile, including the number of contacts they received.

Access the Agency Dashboard through your agency page.

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