SpeakerHub Website Update: Latest Features


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Here is a quick update on the latest improvements and new features on the SpeakerHub website.

For Speakers

Add more essential information to your profile

Presentation Title and Description

Adding at least one presentation title and description in the initial profile creation is now a required field. 

We believe it is important to include a sample presentation with a description to increase the likelihood of planners saying "yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for". The way to formulate a presentation title should be catchy enough to be inserted directly into the event agenda, so it should go beyond a 'simple' description of what it covers. 

Pay attention to your titles. Focus on what the audience is going to get out of listening to your talk.

Indication of required questions in the profile editor

We have added a line below the progress bar (on all step pages) saying “All fields are required" in the profile editor.

Change in Profile Visibility

The description of the ‘‘Private’ option in the profile visibility has been updated. From ‘only you can see your profile’, it is now ‘only you and site administrators can see your profile’.


Optional pronouns (how you prefer to be addressed) are now available for all users in their profile editor Personal details tab, and it will appear above the speaker's name on the front end.


The option for Emcee has been added to the ‘Available for’ section of the Availability & Fees tab of the profile editor.

For Event Organizers

Adding call for speakers

‘Specialty of the speakers you are looking for’ tags

The limit to the Expertise tags displayed has been increased from 10 to 30 to show more results. Adding tags to your call for speakers will ensure the list of recommended speakers presented to you matches your requirements. 

Do you have any suggestions for ways we could improve the site? We’d love to hear your ideas. Contact us here.


Average: 5 (1 vote)