The Top 10 Women Speakers in Activism

The Top 10 Women Speakers in Politics
Activist are people who promote, impede, or direct social, political, economic, or environmental change and reform. They can acutely see issues and desire to see change happen in the world. 
Activist speakers work on spreading new ideas and solutions, but topics can also include exposing the major problems, along with pinpointing those creating and sustaining the issues. 
Their talks mainly focus on talking about what the issue is, what caused it, and what can be done about it. Their talks can range from poignant to inspiring. 
Wherever there is a problem, there is someone out there working towards a solution, and there are thousands of impactful women activists making changes from all four corners of the globe, but with this list, we are looking at the 10 most searched for and sought women activists in the world.


          #1 Sheryl Sandberg            #2 Elizabeth Smart           #3 Erin Brockovich
          #4 Patricia Heaton            #5 Aimee Mullins                 #6 Bif Naked
         #7 Ilyasah Shabazz            #8 Christine Caine            #9 Alexis Jones
        #10 Lauren Bush      

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