Top 50 TED Talks every speaker should watch

Blog Article by SpeakerHub: "Top 50 TED Talks every speaker should watch"

Is your talk getting a bit dry?

Have you presented it so many times that it is hard to get inspired to approach it with fresh enthusiasm?

Feeling consistently driven to present in a way that captures your audience’s attention every time can be daunting.

When you find that you’ve gotten to the point where you feel a bit low on motivation, you can draw on the empowering enthusiasm of some of the world’s most invigorating speakers: TED Talks.

One of the common denominators with the speakers that TED brings in is their fiery enthusiasm for their subjects. Whether the subject is neuroscience or slam poetry, physics or adapting to emerging markets: all the speakers approach their topic with a burning desire to inspire the audience.

We've compiled the top 50 most popular TED Talks of all time below. You'll find a wide variety of global speakers who talk about a plethora of fascinating topics.

WARNING: Do not try and watch all of the talks in one sitting. It will either blow your mind, or you will get TED fatigue. A better plan is to come back to this article (bookmark this page) again and again, every time you feel low on motivation.


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