Website update: Helping speakers track and save applications


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SpeakerHub Website Update

Newest features: Helping speakers track and save applications

Applying for events to speak at is seldom straightforward. 

While on the one hand it is an essential task, helping you find appropriate speaking engagements to grow your business or brand’s influence, on the other hand it is time-consuming, complicated, and hard to stay on top of.   

Take this all-too-common situation: You've been finding a lot of events over the past two weeks, both on SpeakerHub’s Event Marketplace and through online searches. 

You have submitted an application to seven events already, and are waiting to hear back from them. 

Three asked for applications to be sent directly via email to the organizer. You’ve sent one email, and have two that are not quite finished, still sitting in your drafts folder. 

One organization asked for an intro video as part of the application. You still need to make that video. 

Meanwhile, three organizations would like a screening call this week.

One would like you to talk to the co-organizer and the host before moving forward, and you have been emailing back and forth for the past week trying to find the perfect time. 

Long story short; it is a lot to keep organized. 

Are you willing to risk that you can just stay on top of it and not forget anything? 

This is where SpeakerHub can help. 

For the past year, we have been working at creating a more steam-lined, custom-built Event CRM to help speakers and event organizers track the entire application process.

Don’t let applying for events become your full-time job. Take control, and let us do the organizing work for you.

One of the newest features we have added to the CRM is the ability to save events and where you or your speakers are in the application process. 

Save events to your list

There might be times where you are reading through potential events, but don’t have time to apply at that moment. Or perhaps you’d like to find the right events, and then have your VA apply for you.  We have now created lists for speakers, where they can save all the potential events in one place. 

Whether found on the Event Marketplace or externally, you can now save all events to your list. 

To save the event, simply click the “Save” button on the event header. 

You have options for what you save to you list: you can save:

  •  event posts on SpeakerHub: which will have all the information about the event

  •  Applications for events: skip the additional details, and save the application directly

  • Links to event and applications from anywhere online. Just add the url. 

From here, you can keep track of all your applications in one place—under “My applications” from your Dashboard. 

It's even easier with events hosted on SpeakerHub

If the event call is hosted on SpeakerHub, you can now update your pitch directly from your saved Applications list. 


For events managed on SpeakerHub, the organizer will mark the application as accepted, declined or shortlisted, which will automatically be updated on your list, so you know where the application stands.

Don’t leave everything to chance, hoping that you will be able to remember what’s happening with each and every event. Level up from spreadsheets and start using tools that were built specifically for your needs. 


The SpeakerHub Event Marketplace

The Marketplace is like a job bulletin board, but created just for speakers and event organizers.

Event organizers from around the world can post their events to the SpeakerHub Marketplace - for free.

The postings include all the details a speaker would need to be able to decide if they are a right fit for the event. This includes the conference topic, fees, location, and specifics on which topics need to be covered.

Some key figures about the SpeakerHub Marketplace: 

  • 9,450 events have been posted since its launch

  • 1, 045 have been online-only events

  • 5,700 applications have been submitted by speakers for the events listed

Start searching for speaking engagements here.


Average: 5 (2 votes)