Turn your staff into thought leaders

Create a staff speaker directory, find new virtual and in-person event opportunities & manage the process from A-Z

3-in-1 corporate speaker CRM

Organize your employee speakers, match them with calls for speakers, and get reports & statistics

Organize your speakers

Find calls for speakers

Manage the workflow & reports

Empowering corporate experts

Identify your in-house talent

If your staff experts have been speaking at virtual/online and in-person events, it's often hard to find the right person when a request comes in, or when you want your organization to be represented at an industry event. Our directory helps do manage your in-house speakers.

Get them to speak at industry events

Each week, we list about 50-70 new events from around the globe looking for speakers. You can also add events your corporate communications team knows of, and assign speakers to the right opportunity to make sure your brand is seen wherever it needs to be present.

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Assign your speakers to events

Based on each staff speaker's expertise, you can easily match them to the events most suitable for their profile, linguistic skills, topic of interest or country they're based in. Track who's pitching for which event and who has been accepted as a speaker.

Have your speakers promote ideas & your brand

When speakers get on stage or sign in to a virtual platform, they are your brand's true thought leaders and ambassadors. Having your employees speak at more events and webinars is the best strategic marketing investment there is.

Empowering corporate experts

Show your experts to the world

Find in-house thought leaders and get them to speak at industry events.

Interested in setting up your corporate speakers bureau?

Empowering corporate experts

Manage the internal approval process

Our robust, customizable workflow management system powers your in-house speaker bureau and helps you manage the entire process from speaker invitation, internal approvals all the way to post-event reporting.

Get detailed post-event reporting & calculate ROI

You want to know how the event went, if any commercial opportunities came up, and whether it's worth attending next year too. Our reporting system helps you calculate ROI and generate reports with KPIs.

Feature-rich & Customizable

Empowering corporate experts
Empowering corporate experts
Empowering corporate experts

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Clients & Partners

  • Torrey Pierce
    Torrey Pierce
    Corporate Communications Specialist
    Red Hat
    SpeakerHub has been an incredible resource to help elevate our internal Speakers' Bureau. It's easy to use and gives our speakers the opportunity to promote their capabilities to 3rd party and industry event organizers. The team at SpeakerHub has excellent customer service and has accommodated our needs for this platform since day one.
  • Charles C. Henneman
    CFA Head, Educational Events and Programs
    CFA Institute
    I approached the SpeakerHub team in 2017 in the hopes they could help us solve a persistent problem we were having matching potential speakers with our 150 member societies worldwide. As a collaborative partner, they have offered creative ideas and attentive customer service in helping us build a customized speaker platform designed to meet our needs. Much recommended.
Empowering corporate experts

If you...

  • Have a lot of experts among your company staff and want to pitch them to speak at industry events;
  • Are looking for a way to track their expertise and special skills they can share at conferences;
  • Need a directory to quickly find your staff speakers and thought leaders;
  • Want to manage the entire workflow process from event discovery, speaker matching, pitch review, cost accounting, managerial approval and post-event reporting;

... then we have the perfect solution for you.

Your thought leaders. Our Speaker CRM.

Have more event planners find & invite your staff experts.

Use your custom branding & password protection or SSO

Easily share upcoming speaking opportunities with your team

Match the right person to the right event

Streamline your internal applicant selection process

Manage your own event's call for speakers

Get detailed post-event reporting & calculate ROI

Use our API to pull in speakers' data to your platform

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