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About SpeakerHub

Are all topics and subjects allowed on SpeakerHub?

Although we do not have an official list of topics that are not allowed, we ask our users to stay professional and inoffensive. Keep in mind that that SpeakerHub is built to connect speakers with event organizers and a broad appeal will generally garner more speaking events. We ask our users to practice professional discretion when deciding what topics and subjects to include on their profile.

Please do not include topics and subjects that:

  • Defame, libel, slander, impersonate, abuse, harass, threaten, invade privacy, or infringe the legal rights of another person.
  • Include photos or videos that contain excessive nudity or adult content.
  • Could be considered hate speech: directed at an individual or a group, and based on race, sex, creed, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Promote illegal activity, inappropriate language or obscene and indecent profanity. Subjects that are generally considered indecent, obscene or pornographic: such as Nazi memorabilia, illegal drug use, or pornography.
Do I need to sign a long-term contract with you?

No. We require no contracts and strive to make it easy for you to come and go as you wish. We believe that our service should be simple. If your needs change, and you no longer need to use the site, you may delete your profile and cancel your standard or Silver or Gold account service at any time.

Do you take a percentage or commission of the speaking or training fee I get?

We do not take any percentage or commission of your speaking or training fee, we just want to make sure you get found and booked by ensuring that the event organizers can easily contact you.

Do you work with high schools, charities or universities?

We work with schools, charities and universities across the world. We aim to connect event organizers from the schools and charities with speakers from a range of industry leading professionals, enthusiasts, activists, public figures and academics, free of charge.

Once a Speaker has expressed willingness to work with schools, charities or universities by selecting the relevant checkbox option on their profile, they instantly become searchable by the organizer. The organizer will then decide if the speaker will be suitability for their audience, and will get in contact. From there the speaker and event organizer will arrange the details about the talk: directly confirm timings, audience and the format for the event.

How do you decide which speakers are allowed on the site?

Apart from a few very basic checks to make sure speakers meet our Terms of Use, (ie. to make sure that all profiles and content stays within the realm of legality,) we do not do any checks on the content, or the quality of the speakers.

We provide an array of tools on SpeakerHub so that speakers can create rich profiles to showcase their speaking skills, subject matter expertise, testimonials, fees (if any) and more than 15 other pieces of information so that organizers can properly vet them.

Event organizers, conference manager or schools can easily filter speakers, trainers and moderators when searching, so they can safely decide who will be the best fit for their audience.

How do you ensure my privacy and protection of my data?

We know security and privacy are important to you, which is why we've made it a priority to provide strong security while giving you the freedom to control how much information you supply us with. We're working with lawyers, website audit and security firms to protect your privacy from unauthorized access, and make SpeakerHub safe. We have built in strong encryption to our site to keep your information safe.

When it comes to the information you share with us, we give you complete control over how much you share. We nevertheless suggest that you give the event organizers enough information to learn about you and contact you, but ultimately you are in control over what you feature on your profile. If you would like some additional tips about safety and security online and specifically using SpeakerHub, please contact us.

Is SpeakerHub free? Any hidden fees? Do you charge a commission?

Creating a profile on SpeakerHub is completely free. If you'd like to have extra services, such as additional visibility, emails about paid speaking opportunities, detailed statistics and other premium services, you can choose to upgrade to a Silver or Gold account.

We don't charge any commission when an organizer contacts you, and it's free for organizers to search and connect with speakers, trainers and moderators.

Standard (free) account

A standard account is for anyone who wants to create and maintain a professional speaker profile online.

  • Build your professional speaker (trainer, moderator, school speaker) brand online.
  • Connect with organizations from around the world.
  • Search, find and connect with other speakers in your field.
  • Appear in SpeakerHub's search listings.
  • Event organizers can contact you (no commission fee).
  • Upload 2 videos, slides or photos to your profile page.

Silver and Gold Account

Our Silver and Gold upgrade is for speakers who would like to additionally promote their skills on SpeakerHub, and get access to unique services.
Please check our Upgrade page for details.

Who do you market speakers to?

We are building relations with hundreds of organizers, event planners, global associations with thousands of members and several conferences each year, along with global training companies, the world's leading Fortune 500 companies and event organizers in all sectors that are listed as main categories on SpeakerHub. Our aim is to become their go-to resource to identify speakers, moderators and trainers for their events.

For Speakers

Can I pause my monthly subscription?

You can pause your monthly subscription for 3 months which will start when the current billing cycle ends. For example, if your monthly billing is due on the 25th of each month, and today is the 10th, your 'pause' comes into effect on the 25th, not 'today' so you can still take advantage of the upgrade's benefits until that date. All data is retained, but you won't have access to premium services from the day the 'pause' starts. To pause your subscription, go to Billing under My Account and click on "Pause subscription".

Can I send promotional or unsolicited emails to organizers or agencies?

Not really. Keep in mind that we only allow targeted and limited outreach and not mass mailing multiple agencies in an unsolicited manner. You may nevertheless apply for any number of calls for speakers that are actively seeking applicants.

Do you guarantee that I will get speaking opportunities?
Though creating a SpeakerHub profile will not guarantee that you will instantaneously receive speaking opportunities, the platform is a tool for you to use to showcase your speaker persona and speaking experience. 
If you are looking for speaking opportunities, we recommend you use the SpeakerHub Event Marketplace to apply for events. But first, make sure your profile is fully filled out and builds your credibility so that potential speaking contacts are directed to your profile. 
By featuring your SpeakerHub profile link in your email signature and on your social media profiles, you can promote your speaking expertise and build your network. 
We also work on attracting more event planners to SpeakerHub so they can find your profile and get in touch with you if your topics and expertise match what they are looking for.
How can I change my credit card information?

You can change your card when you go to Billing under My Account and select "Update card details".

How do I embed my speaker card and where can I embed it?

Log in to your account. Click on Edit profile and look for the Embed your speaker card option then copy the embed code. You can add the code to your own site, to other sites in your network, and share with event organizers so they can directly add them to their event page. See more information about the embeddable cards here.

How do I make my profile public?

Published profiles will appear in our search results and your agency's search page (if you are part of an agency). You have the option to change your visibility settings from Private to Publish when you log in to your account and click on Edit profile. Scroll down to Account Preferences and select Published in the Visibility & Notifications section:

How much do you charge if I’m based in the EU but I have no VAT number?

Our fees are the same for everyone but if you are based in the EU and don't have any EU VAT number, we need to pay the VAT on your behalf. We therefore add this charge to your subscription fee.

In which currency are your prices?

Our prices are in USD, but given Stripe.com's online payment processing system, you can use any international credit card to make payments.

Is SpeakerHub only for paid speakers, or can volunteer/free speakers register too?

Both paid and volunteer speakers can register for a free account, this will instantly connect you to organizations who are looking for volunteer speakers around the world. If you choose to be a volunteer speaker, you can:

  • Network with organizations (including schools and charities) from around the world.
  • Talk about the work you do and why you are a volunteer speaker.
  • Search, find and connect with other volunteer speakers.
  • Appear in SpeakerHub "Volunteer Speaker" search listings.
  • Organizers looking for volunteers can contact you
  • You can upload videos, slides or event media about the work you've done to your profile page.
What are 'verified' testimonials (reviews)?

When a speaker adds a testimonial about herself/himself, we do a basic check if it meets our Terms of use and publish it on their profile. To get a 'verified' badge next to the testimonial, the speaker must provide the reviewer's business email (cannot be Gmail, Hotmail or similar) and they must confirm that they in fact endorsed the speaker in question.

What does 'volunteer' speaker mean?

Apart from paid speakers, every speaker has the option to share their speaking services as a volunteer. Volunteer, or pro bono, speakers give inspirational talks free of charge at civil society events, conferences, churches, schools, university student groups, rotary clubs and other community groups. They share ideas and inspire while developing their public speaking skills and confidence through real-life training and experience.

Connecting both paid and volunteer speakers with organizations is an important mission for SpeakerHub. Organizations look for volunteers who can range from very broad to very specific topics, and we work hard to match the right person with the right opportunity.

As a volunteer (pro bono) speaker you would:

  • Give talks to a variety of community groups or at conference events.
  • Educate people on various topics either specific to your field, or that meet the needs of the organization or charity.
  • Inspire groups to learn more or support the organization.
  • Keep up to date with the organization's key messages, resources, initiatives and news.

Specific arrangements will vary from event to event, however here are some general guidelines:

  • Volunteer speakers are not paid
  • Travel expenses may be reimbursed (to be clarified with the organizer)
  • Complimentary registration for speakers is generally included for most conferences.
What exactly is the speaking fee?

Your speaking fee is the payment awarded to you for speaking at an event. From motivational speakers to moderators, each public speaker and trainer on the site sets their own individual price for presenting (you can also click on 'volunteer' if you are available pro bono, apart from paid assignments). 

We know that sometimes your rate can fluctuate based on the event or client, which is why we've added a selection of ranges (Up to $250, $250 - $1,500, $1,500 - $5,000, $5,000 - $10,000 and more than $10,000) as well as an "Ask for pricing" if your range is not represented. 

You can select your range by going into the profile editor and selecting the "Availability & Fees" section and selecting your range under the "Fees" heading. 

Note: Speakers should not pay to speak to an audience. If an event organizer invited you to do this, always make sure their event is legitimate. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us here.

What happens if I get too many irrelevant requests?

We can make helpful suggestions to how you can modify your approach and profile to ensure that you are attracting the right audience. The organizers who send them may be unsure of your skill set, but they don't have bad intentions! We are also developing new features where you can control better who can message you and to whom your profile will be visible.

  • Less is more: be clear about your topics. Only select the topics you would like to talk about in the future, not the expansive list of everything you could talk about.
  • Don't add irrelevant experience to your SpeakerHub profile. Not every talk you've given is relevant to the talks you would like to continue giving. Use your description to explain what you achieved or what skills you developed, but be clear in your profile about what kind of talks you currently give.
  • Read their message. Did they explain convincingly why you should connect? Did they look at your profile? Try googling the organization to see if there is some common ground between you.
  • Remember: you don't have to accept. Avoid feeling pressured or guilty, only accept events and requests you are comfortable with.
What happens when I cancel my current subscription?

Cancelling the subscription/upgrade/payment means the account remains intact but you lose access to certain features (such as the display of multiple videos/images on the speaker profile, but even these media contents remain in the account, they just don't show up on the public profile page without being upgraded).

What if someone is sending me spam messages?
If you receive unsolicited and abusive, harmful, or promotional messages, please contact us immediately. We'll treat your report with discretion and safeguard your anonymity towards the other party.
We don't tolerate spam in any form and will suspend the person, organizer or agency for 10 days. If they still fail to comply afterwards, we may remove their profile from SpeakerHub.  
As a speaker, we also urge you to refrain from sending self-promotional messages to fellow speakers, organizers or agencies. 
What messages do I receive in My account's Inbox?

There are 5 types of messages we can send you: newsletters, weekly personalized digest of events seeking speakers, direct contact message from organizers, invitation from organizers suggesting you apply for their event, and group messages sent to all applicants for a call for speakers that is managed directly on SpeakerHub. You will see that last 3 types saved in your SpeakerHub inbox. By default, you also receive email notifications about these which can of course turn off if you prefer not to receive emails, but have these messages in your SpeakerHub account's My account menu only.

Who are the organizers that will contact me?

Organizers can be companies looking for speakers or workshop trainers for their corporate events, conference organizers seeking your expertise, global events lining up presenters on business, medical, IT or any other topic, schools and universities looking for volunteer speakers for their students, or any other event manager who wants to have someone with expertise and great speaking skills.

For Organizers & Agencies

Can I list my speakers on my own website?
Yes. Apart from showcasing speakers on SpeakerHub, you can use our white-label service where you can list any number of speakers in your association, agency or company on your own website, on a dedicated, custom-branded page, with the speaker search function, under your own domain name.
If I am looking for speakers to talk at a school, how do I contact them?

Finding the right speaker to come to your school could not be easier. All you have to do is search the term "School" and all the speakers who are looking to speak in schools will be displayed.

From here, you can narrow down your choices through the filters, and search through the speakers to find the right fit for your event and audience.

Once you have found the right speaker (or speakers) simply contact them and outline what you are looking for. If the speaker is interested, they will contact you and the two of you can arrange the details.

Should speaker agencies (bureaus) register?

Absolutely! We welcome agencies to list their speakers, the only difference being that the contact email will be that of the agency, not the speaker. As we have no intention to cut agencies out of any transaction and since SpeakerHub is a one-stop-shop speaker resource, agencies would get extra visibility for their speakers, trainers or moderators without any risk to their core business. If you'd like to discuss special arrangements or have specific feature requests, just contact us and we're happy to discuss.

What kind of schools do you work with, and what should the speaker talk about?

The schools we work with have a broad range including primary schools, elementary schools, secondary schools, universities and further education colleges. We work with public, private and and international schools all. Our speakers give talks that share their individual experience and expertise. The talk's content can vary greatly depending on what the organization is looking for, the speaker's ability, and with which topics they are most comfortable. We highly suggest that the school and the speaker clearly outline the expectations between each other to ensure that everyone's needs are being met. Of course, the needs of your audience can vary widely as well: talking to a five year old will need to be a lot different than a fifth year university student! As a speaker, it is a great opportunity to learn how to present your content to a range of different audiences.

Who are your Speakers?

Our speakers come from a very wide range of backgrounds including (but not limited to): industry experts, enthusiasts, activists, politicians, public figures, government officials, diplomats and academics. Our speakers are a broad group of high-achieving individuals, with the common goal to engage and inspire their audience.

How it works

Do you accept guest blog posts?

We're always looking for our expert speakers and event organizers to share their insights with our global audience, and would encourage you to share your ideas with our audience. Find out more about how to guest post on the SpeakerHub blog here.

How are speaker statistics calculated?
The stat​istics track individual IP​ addresses only, and there is a limitation of the session to time to 12 hours. This means in practice that if you look at a speaker's profile multiple times in a 12-hour period, it will only count as one view. If you check it again beyond this timeframe, it will be counted as a new view.
How do I add a profile picture or a video to my profile?

Profile Photos:

Adding a picture to your profile is a great way to attract more speaking opportunities. When choosing a profile picture, here are some tips on choosing a photo:

  • That actually looks like you: We all want to be our best self, but a picture that depicts you accurately will ensure your credibility in the long run. Choose a picture that has been taken within the past two years.
  • With a simple background: It doesn't necessarily have to be a professional photo shoot, but don't let the background be distracting, keep it clear and the focus on your face.
  • Where your face takes up at least 50% of photo. Although the fact that you hiked up to the top of Kilimanjaro is pretty inspirational: it doesn't really help the event organizer see what you look like.

Here is how to upload the photo to your profile:

  • Step 1: Log into your account
  • Step 2: Under the settings, click Profile Picture located under Profile
  • Step 3: Follow options to select the photo you'd like to use
  • Step 4: Press "Save Changes"


Our videos need to be hosted online before they can be uploaded to your profile. There are many great free video sharing websites, we highly suggest either YouTube or Vimeo. The video does not have to be on your specific channel to be uploaded to your profile. Once you have the link to your video the next steps are very simple.

  • Step 1: Log into your account
  • Step 2: Under the settings, click Videos located under Profile
  • Step 3: Follow the options, and dropped the video's URL into the text box.
  • Step 4: Press "Save Changes"

If you need any help with this, please contact us.

How do you choose the call for speakers in the "weekly digest" emails and "Recommended" events?

If you are wondering why a given event (call for speakers) was recommended to you in the "weekly digest" emails or on the Events page's "Recommended" tab (for logged in users), here is how the algorithm works:

1. For speakers who didn't adjust their Email alerts & Notification preferences in their profile editor, we use the Topics and "tags" they provided in their own profile as the basis of our selection.

2. When speakers specifically adjust which topics and "tags" they would like to be notified about in the Email alerts & Notification tab, we weigh those more so we can pick more relevant events.

3. "Tags" weigh more than "topics" because "topics" tend to be far broader while "tags" show your specific areas of expertise or interest.

4. Based on the above, the system looks at the following variables when choosing recommended events:

  • Topics and tags (based on what you have in your profile's data or in your Event alerts & Notification preferences)
  • Fee levels you're interested in (i.e. whether or not you want us to include free events, or events with 0-$250 fee etc.)
  • Fee level depending on geography (e.g. if you adjusted your settings to show free events only in your own country but not in your region or worldwide)
  • Event type (e.g. you're only interested in conferences but not in webinars)

NOTE: alerts about paid events are only available to Gold-level members of SpeakerHub.

5. The above variables are cumulative and have an "AND" connection, so make sure that we deliver the most relevant event recommendations for you.

Questions? Contact us any time.

Organizers: can I save a shortlist of speaker profiles I like?

Yes, this is easy to do. When you are on the speaker's profile, you will see a "heart" button in the head bar, beside their name and photo. If you select this button, the speaker will get added to your "Favorites" list.

To see all the speakers who you've selected and added to your "Favorites" list, just go to the main search page and click "Show my favorites" under "Filters."

No longer want a speaker to be a favorite? Unselect the "heart" button and the speaker will be removed from your list.

Trainers: can I upload a training agenda or program as a sample?

Uploading a sample training agenda or program is an important feature for your trainer profile page.

When you are editing your profile, go to the section labelled "Speaking Topics." You will see a section called "Workshop Agenda" You can upload multiple agendas, including information like the title, the duration of the session and a description.

What kind of messages am I allowed to send other users?

SpeakerHub is a service that aims to facilitate speakers and event organizers to connect, but not to sell products or promote individual businesses outside of the agreed forms of contact.

When messaging users, we only allow applications for, and commenting or adding questions to open call for speakers, along with event-related contacts with organizers and agencies. Any other unsolicited or self-promotional message may be considered as spam, which is not tolerated on SpeakerHub.

If a speaker, organizer or agency's message is flagged by the recipient as potential spam, our team will investigate it and may suspend the sender for 10 days. Should they fail to comply afterwards, we reserve the right to remove their profile from SpeakerHub.

If you have any questions about spam, or are uncertain if you message could be reported as spam, please contact us here.

Why can't I import all my experience from LinkedIn?

Signing up and logging in with your Linkedin profile is possible to make it very easy. However, importing other details of your professional Linkedin profile is not allowed by Linkedin due to some restrictions in their policy. Creating these items on SpeakerHub is nevertheless very quick and simple, so all you need to do is fill in the various input fields and in a few minutes you can publish your profile.