7 Strong Strategies to Define Your Virtual Event


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When we host virtual events, much has changed due to the pandemic. Virtual events have become more viable and valuable as we become accustomed to remote and online event models. 

While an online event differs from a live one, you want a solid strategy to make it more memorable. If you’re looking to get a fantastic virtual event running, here are seven robust strategies that can help make it unforgettable.

Define Your Virtual Event


Set Clear, Measurable Goals For Your Virtual Event

With virtual events, it’s easy to get lost in the details and commit missteps. This is why it’s essential to set clear goals.

Project planning involves knowing what you want to accomplish and how you’ll do it. Before you host a virtual event, you should have clear goals in mind, knowing what you want to achieve. For example:

  • Increase engagement

  • Generate leads

  • Enhance brand awareness

  • Build customer relationships

But these are just generic goals. You’ll need to set measurable goals. For example, “I want to generate 100 new leads from the event.” Since your virtual event isn’t based on physical interaction, you must make sure your event has proper online tools to accomplish your goals. 

Undergo Virtual Events Training If You Have To

Virtual events training is never a bad idea. If you want your virtual event to succeed, you should train yourself or your people to help them know what to do. Event hosting training can be as simple as a crash course to something more comprehensive. 

A virtual event can be a complex undertaking, you should train your team. Good training ensures that your team is familiar with the tools and can handle the requirements of the audience. 

Virtual events are unique in the sense that they involve online tools. These tools are essential to the virtual event experience, and training helps your team learn the ropes to make the most of the tools available.  

Choose The Right Platform For Your Event

When hosting a virtual event, you have to choose the right platform. The platform you choose should fit your virtual event objectives and help you accomplish your goals. 

For example, if you’re hosting a trade show, use a platform primarily designed for trade shows. If you’re hosting a virtual conference, use a platform designed for that purpose.

Your choice of platform will depend on what you want to accomplish. Platforms have different features, so choosing the right one for your event is essential. The right virtual event platform should help you achieve your goals, whether that be lead generation or networking, for example.  

There are dozens of online tools that help you host a virtual event. The platform you pick also determines the kind of experience you give your audience. Choose an online tool that will make it easy for your attendees to interact with you and with each other.

Work Towards Multi-Faceted Marketing And Promotion

You must implement a strong promotion strategy for a virtual event to be memorable. This means reaching out to your target audience using various channels to distribute your marketing messages. You can use Facebook, Twitter, email, and other channels. 

Use of multiple channels is important as you must ensure your audience has a convenient way for them to reach you. You can also promote your event offline. Your promotion strategy should include SEO and PPC.  

Utilize Interactive Sessions And Live Comments

Interactive sessions can help make your virtual event more memorable. Instead of watching a video or listening to a presentation, your audience is able to interact with you.

With a virtual event, you should focus on engagement. Interactive sessions and social engagements allow attendees to communicate with one another. Modern virtual events have specific features that enable attendees to interact directly with each other. 

Live comments can help bring your virtual event to life. Live comments give people the face-to-face interaction they need. Live commenting sessions create an engaging experience. Your audience can ask questions, exchange ideas, and interact with each other.  

If you’re hosting a virtual event, answering questions and engaging with the audience is essential to keep your audience interested. A live comment system can help you answer questions and engage with others.

Use Gamification And Contests To Increase Engagement 

Games can make virtual events more memorable and engaging. Gamifying your virtual event involves adding game elements to your event.  

You can gamify your virtual event through contests and other games. Contests and competitions help increase audience engagement and participation. You don’t have to gamify the whole affair; you can work on specific parts like live comments, question and answer sections, etc.

Contests are fun and people love winning prizes. Contests give them that opportunity, and they will likely become bigger advocates for you and your event after participating.

Offer Good Incentives To Attendees 

Incentives help increase audience engagement. Offer incentives to attendees to boost participation. Incentives can be anything from free virtual event registrations to free merchandise giveaways.  

People appreciate free things. Offer incentives to your virtual event attendees for participating. This can make the virtual event more memorable. You can hold contests and giveaways where you can give out free merchandise. 

Final Thoughts

With a virtual event, you get many of the benefits of a physical show without the cost and hassle of hosting one. Virtual events allow you to reach a global audience, and nowadays attendees can easily interact with each other.   

Hosting a virtual event requires careful planning and strategy. You must set clear goals, know your audience, choose the right platform, and gamify your event to make it more engaging and unforgettable. 



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