How to Find Well-Paying Speaking Gigs


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How to Find Well-Paying Speaking Gigs

Most people are not skilled enough to speak confidently in public. However, if you are good at it, you can hone your oratory skills not only to educate people and help them see the world from your perspective but also to make a living.

If you can speak well in public, you can make decent money especially if you know how much to charge. You would also want to know how to receive online payments on time.

Here are seven ways to find well-paying speaking gigs.

1. Google It

One of the simplest ways to find a profitable speaking gig is to search it online. Regardless if you are a new or seasoned speaker, you would want to look out for various events and opportunities that allow you to showcase your public speaking skills. Looking for speaking gigs on Google allows you to further categorize your search based on your location and expertise.

2. Promote Your Portfolio Site

Letting relevant people know about your public speaking skills is another way to find well-paid speaking gigs. If you are internet-savvy, you can create your own optimized portfolio website. This allows others to look for speakers like you who can participate in their events.

Since you have a portfolio website, you can also incorporate the best merchant services into it. This makes it easier for others to make payments for the speaking services you offer.

3. SpeakerHub

SpeakerHub is a comprehensive online platform designed to connect professional speakers with paid speaking opportunities. With its user-friendly interface and extensive database, SpeakerHub serves as a valuable resource for speakers seeking compensated engagements to share their expertise and insights.

Whether individuals specialize in motivational speaking, industry-specific topics, or niche subjects, SpeakerHub offers a diverse array of speaking opportunities to suit various interests and expertise levels. Through detailed profiles and customizable search filters, speakers can showcase their credentials and unique style, making it easier for event organizers to discover the perfect match for their upcoming events.

With its commitment to facilitating meaningful connections and fostering professional growth, SpeakerHub stands as a premier hub for speakers worldwide to elevate their careers and make impactful contributions to diverse audiences.

4. Using Relevant Hashtags on Social Media

Being on social media provides many opportunities to find well-paid speaking gigs. If you are good with social media, you can use trending and relevant hashtags, which would allow you to reach out to the right people and find events and resources that can help you get the best-paying speaking gig.

You can look for those opportunities on LinkedIn, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram. Reaching out to more people is one of the benefits of social media that you can utilize.

5. Set Google Alerts

Even if you are internet-savvy, you would want to look for alternative ways to find information on lucrative speaking gigs. Using Google Alerts is one way to ensure you do not have to keep searching for it all the time.

You can set Google Alerts for specific keywords like speaking gigs. This should allow you to get alerts and emails whenever there is something related to speaking gigs available online. You should create a separate email account for Google Alerts to not get overwhelmed by the list of daily alerts that you may receive.

6. Build Your Network Offline

If you want to make a career out of your public speaking skills, you need to interact with the right people who can provide you with a platform to speak and earn from. For this, you can join a speaker’s association. This is important because you can stay in touch with the community of professional speakers.

Similarly, you can attend various speaking conferences and corporate events. This would allow you to meet professional speakers with whom you can connect, click selfies, and even promote online. Try not to be pushy but instead focus on building long-term relationships. With a solid offline network, you can gradually build opportunities to earn from speaking gigs.

7. Enlist Yourself on Online Directories

A lot of companies and even hotels look for public speakers through online directories. Hence, you need to include your name in those listings. This would allow you to get more exposure and find opportunities to speak in public and get paid for it.

Being on online directories would allow you to receive proposals that would help you transform your skills into a thriving speaking career.

May these seven tips help you find financially sustainable and rewarding public speaking opportunities.

Disclaimer: this article includes a paid product promotion.

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