How to Promote Your Event Online Like a Pro


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How to promote your event online like a pro

“Hosting, running, and attending an event may be complicated and costly. However, promoting it online doesn’t have to be.”

-Neil Patel

There are hundreds of details to consider when it comes to organizing a great event, and there are no real easy short-cuts, but sometimes a clear and simple list can make a world of difference: that is why we love Neil Patel’s recent article “How to promote your event like a pro”.

It gets right to the heart of what you need to do to market your event and fill the seats.

We thought the ideas would be very useful to you, so we created the infographic below which highlights the top ideas.

How to promote your event like a pro

  1. Set up a website for your event

    Attendees can find information easily
    You can include more information
    Get people registered.

  2. Blast your email subscribers with invitations

    Start with the people you know

    Info to include:

    • Give the subscribers a reason to attend

    • Be upfront and clear about the speakers

    • Add a video to your email

    • Add date and time, and contact info

    • Have clear CTA buttons

  3. Use podcasts to get the word out

    Partner with other podcasts related to your brand and industry to build hype for your event.

    Offer free promotion for their brand during your event in exchange for airtime on their show.

  4. Come up with a unique hashtag for your event

    The right hashtag can increase the chances of your posts and event going viral.

    Hashtags are great because you can use them in three different phases to promote your event.

    • Before the event starts

    • During the event

    • After it’s over

  5. Create an event on Facebook

    Facebook is one of the best platforms to promote an event online because it has over 1 billion active monthly users.

  6. Reach out to your Instagram followers

    • Create a great, attention grabbing image

    • Use the hashtags

    • Include all the relevant information on the image

    • Add additional incentives

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