Jooble Tells How To Become A Public Speaking Coach


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Become A Public Speaking Coach

Public speaking is a very necessary skill that is in demand for various reasons and purposes. It helps people articulate their thoughts and convey them in a great way. Your public speaking skills also come in handy during family meet-ups. 

While some may think public speaking is a skill people need to develop by themselves, having a public speaking coach can significantly help. A coach can help you overcome fear and increase your confidence level. Due to the need for public speaking skills, public speaking coaches are now saviors to many. 

Public speaking coach is a job that is not only in demand but also lucrative. Parents even hire coaches for their children to improve their public speaking skills. Also, you might find a senior executive at your door willing to pay as much as it takes because the success of their career lies in what you teach them. 

Therefore, if you like helping people and want to get paid for it, you should consider pursuing a career as a public speaking coach. However, public speaking coach charges can vary based on skills and their niche; the average pay for a public speaking coach is about $400 per hour in the USA! Many coaches charge over $600 per hour; some can charge up to $10,000 daily. 

In this regard, we have collaborated with public speaking experts at job aggregator Jooble on what to do to become a public speaking coach. Let’s delve right into it.

Steps Towards Becoming A Public Speaking Coach

Starting a career as a public speaking coach is independent of you being a public speaker. Like every other profession, there are steps to take before becoming an expert. 

1. Make Plans to Achieve Your Goal

Planning is the first step to any success. Skipping the planning stage will not just hurt your business but may also lead to bad mistakes. Therefore, you must do a great deal of planning before becoming a public speaking coach. 

Start by researching what it entails, the education and certification required, and the skills required. You can do this research online or ask established public speaking coaches questions. This planning stage will allow you to know what to do and how to do it to ensure the success of your career. 

2. Get The Necessary Education

The next thing after research is for you to get the necessary education. It would be best if you considered a bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism, public speaking, or theater. Also, note that a bachelor’s degree is the least necessary education for teaching public speaking.  

Getting a degree in any of these fields usually takes four years. You need a high school diploma or a GED to be admitted into the university for a bachelor’s degree. 

You can also consider a master’s degree for your career in public speaking coaching. It may increase your value and help you negotiate better pay. 

3. Get Certification

Apart from your degree, the right public speaking certificates can improve your standing. This affirms your expertise and also communicates your credibility to your clients. Certification also increases awareness of your brand and enables you to negotiate better pay. 

You can easily get certified online. Start by checking online for courses that are compatible with your needs. Also, check the schedule and prices to see if it works for you. Certifications that you can get as a public speaking coach include the following:

  • Speak and Inspire by Mindvalley

  • Complete Public Speaking Masterclass by Udemy

  • Public Speaking by Rochester’s Institute of Technology

4. Create a Niche

Now that you are halfway there in your plan to become a public speaker, you must choose a niche to specialize in. Choosing a niche will enable you to concentrate your expertise in that area, as a jack of all trades can be a master of none. 

5. Take A Demo Class

Before jumping into this huge market, you should test yourself first. This will allow you to get the hang of what you are doing and give you realistic feedback. Besides, it will help you spot your mistakes and correct them before you launch for real. You can organize demos for friends and family members and ask them for honest feedback about your performance. 

6. Market Yourself

Now that you have done a thorough job of preparing to become a public speaking coach, it is time to let the world know about what you have to offer. Network with public speakers and other public speaking coaches. Also, you can use the internet to market yourself to a large audience. 


Public speaking is an in demand and rewarding skill that can be very lucrative for speakers and speaker coaches alike. Follow the steps outlined in this article to kickstart your career as a public speaking coach.

Disclaimer: this article includes a paid product promotion.

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