A Customizable Speaker Directory
to showcase and promote your in-house speakers or alumni to the world.

Plug our beautifully designed, fully customizable speaker directory into your own website, to effectively showcase your speakers and help event planners engage with them. 

Showcase your speakers

Use your branding

Manage your speakers

Powerful search

The comprehensive search functions will help in-house and external organizers easily find and recruit the relevant speakers based on their skill and expertise.

The design of the pages can be branded specifically for your organization so that the pages blend flawlessly into your website. 

The dashboard lists all your speakers, and you can easily edit or update data and notification preferences, while managing the messages and viewing statistics, including the number of contacts they received. 

Promote your speakers effectively with media-rich profiles

The speaker profiles have been designed to thoroughly showcase your speakers' skills and expertise. The profiles include videos, audio, portfolio material, presentation slides, articles, books, awards, and testimonials.

A completely customizable directory

The directory, search functions, and speaker pages can work completely on your dedicated company or association's URL, and the design can be altered to blend flawlessly with your organization’s branding.

Connect with event organizers around the world

Speakers can add unlimited searchable keyword tags in order to be found by event organizers worldwide, based on their specific topics, expertise and fields of interest, languages, keywords, locations, fee range, and the type of speaking event they are available for.

Control who sees your speakers and when

Privacy is important. Your speakers can be listed on your white-label only, or be displayed publicly. You can also make profiles password-protected or you can place them behind your Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication.

I approached the SpeakerHub team in 2017 in the hopes they could help us solve a persistent problem we were having matching potential speakers with our 150 member societies worldwide. As a collaborative partner, they have offered creative ideas and attentive customer service in helping us build a customized speaker platform designed to meet our needs. Much recommended.

-Charles C. Henneman CFA Head, Educational Events and Programs, CFA Institute  

What our clients think

Build leads

Your speakers can apply for events through our consistently updated database of upcoming free and paid events from around the world. Speakers can search, apply and contact the event organizers directly through the site. 

Speakers can direct people to your site with personal embeddable cards— think of them like an information-packed online business card. This will make marketing both your organization and speakers' skills easy and direct. 

Find new events

From articles and infographics to webinars and podcast interviews, speakers can learn how to present their message in new, engaging ways, while building their business and audience.  

Train your speakers

Shareable speaker cards

Send audiences valuable content before, during and after events with our brandable shared folders feature. You control the content which can be time specified and password protected. Collect audience email addresses and download them for future communication.

Organizations using our Customizable Directory

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About SpeakerHub

SpeakerHub is the resource to connect professional and pro bono speakers, trainers, and moderators with event organizers, conference managers, and schools around the world. Launched in January 2016, SpeakerHub has listed over 3000 speakers, 1000 organizers and over 1400 events looking for speakers.



Is it possible to brand the page with our logo, branding colors, or other brand motif?


Yes. We can change the header of the speaker directory page, the individual speaker card’s color, and do other tweaks to reflect your brand identity. The URL is also based on your (or a member organization’s) domain, so it blends into your or their main website. If you have unique requests (e.g. changing the font, adding new fields to the speaker profiles, custom speaker sorting or filters), just let us know, we’re happy to build these for you.

Our group has many chapters and sub-groups, how can this tool help us?


We can create separate sub-domains for each of the local/national chapters or member entities, and assign speakers to each or all of them according to your needs. We can also configure the settings so that a speaker may only appear in your corporate in-house directory, or a member organization’s listing page, but not on the main directory. All it takes is a simple ‘visibility’ setting that each speaker (or the agency manager) can adjust.



Can you help with event organization?

Our system helps make connections between speakers and event organizers (including in-house event planners looking to recruit staff to speak) and we have developed a sophisticated “Call for Speakers” online system as part of SpeakerHub.

If you’d like to put out an open call or an internal call for speakers, you can get speaker applications from our entire speaker network, or you can opt for a ‘private’ call which is only shared with the speakers that belong to your white-label directory.

You can also easily embed a speaker’s profile card on the event’s speaker listing page, so visitors can see the card, and if interested in the detailed bio, they can click on it and get to a speaker’s detailed SpeakerHub profile page, with their bio, articles, books and videos.



What is included in the speaker profiles?



Speakers listed in a white-label directory are upgraded to Premium or VIP level, so they can take advantage of all features offered by SpeakerHub without any limitation, including the option to add unlimited photo, video and media content to their page, the one-sheet generator (PDF to showcase their speaker resume), the shared folders feature to use a unique link to give access to follow-up materials (option to password-protect it, or add a lead-generation form to access it), and many other benefits. See more about the benefits of the VIP and Premium upgrades.

How does it work in practice? 

See our FAQ

Can speakers create private profiles visible only to approved users?  


Yes. This means that only your company’s or association’s approved staff would be able to view and/or contact such speakers, and these speakers would not appear in any public listing. We can also make the white-label directory access subject to your Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication, or password-protect the access to the directory.

How does SpeakerHub protect my privacy and keep my information secure?

We take security and privacy very seriously and never disclose data to 3rd parties unless priorly agreed with and approved by you.

The speaker directory, profile listings, and the provided service is guaranteed to have a 99.9% uptime with redundant and/or backup servers, to ensure we provide top quality service. 

We conduct security testing of our platform 2x/year to avoid data loss, hacking, or unauthorized access to the code or data we handle. 

If you need to export speaker data, or the contract is discontinued or downgraded, we make all reasonable efforts to export or migrate data related to your speakers.

We would like to upload and showcase 500 speakers, but we are worried about how much time this will take, is there a way to fast-track this?

We can help migrate your existing data into our system and create speaker profiles for each individual. 

Depending on the existing data, this may incur a one-time fee, but we can definitely migrate speaker data from Excel sheets, or create new draft profiles based on their Linkedin or personal website page.


We have a lot of speakers, how can I effectively manage them all at once via SpeakerHub?


We ensure that the speaker directory system is flexible to list hundreds of speakers and field any number of requests from departments around the world. It is a simple tool that will make sure individual speakers, or agency managers, can edit speakers’ profiles easily to keep them up to date. 

The ‘agency manager’ dashboard lists all your associated speakers, and managers can edit or update any data, notification preference, or other settings.

If preferred, any speaker’s inbound messages can be routed to and centralized in the agency manager’s SpeakerHub inbox (and/or receive email notifications) so the manager can handle correspondence for them. Managers can add private notes to each speaker’s profile that only the manager will see.

Managers can see statistics about visits to each speaker’s profile, including the number of contacts they received.


Do you track organizer/speaker engagements through SpeakerHub? Would we be able to request or generate periodic reports on speaker usage from our society speaker list?


It’s already possible to see statistics for each speaker. We can also track, log and generate reports on how many times a speaker logged in, and also when they last edited their profile.

Though we can't track if a contact was made outside of SpeakerHub, e.g. via a speaker’s own website or social media account, or when a speaker applies directly to an event looking for speakers (unless the event’s Call for Speakers is hosted on SpeakerHub directly), we do track the number of times an inbound inquiry was sent to a speaker.


What if my question wasn’t answered here?


With our 24/7 support, we offer technical assistance to your team, individual speakers and event organizers. We answer all requests within 24 hours, even on weekends. Resolution of critical or ‘easy’ issues is within 48 hours, or if technical issues arise or development work is needed, within a week.




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