3 ways to use SpeakerHub to get more bookings


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3 ways to use SpeakerHub to get more bookings

1. Complete your profile.

Complete your profile

You’ve probably seen a few emails from us in the past encouraging you to completely fill in your profile—but we keep reminding you for your benefit; profiles that are completely filled in are more likely to show up when event organizers start searching.

For example:

Let’s say you are an expert in cybersecurity.

There is an organizer from Madrid who is looking specifically for someone to speak about cybersecurity for a webinar they are preparing to offer their team.

They search “cybersecurity” and over 80 speakers appear in the results. Obviously, they are not going to message all 80 potential speakers.

Instead, they use one of our filters and select “Available for online speaking engagements”— suddenly this list drops to 45 speakers. If they filter is again by those who speak “Spanish”, that list drops down to 4 speakers. They could very easily contact all 4 of these speakers to find the right fit for their webinar.

But if you’ve only filled in your topics and left the sections on the type of speaking engagement types, and languages you speak empty...you will get lumped with the other 76 speakers who won’t be getting contacted.


2. Send people to your profile

Send people to your profile

Are you sure that people know that you are available for speaking?

Embedding your customized speaker card on your website, and including the link to your profile in your email signature is an easy and effective way of letting people know (or reminding them) that you are available and open to being contacted for speaking engagements.

Having a beautiful, media-rich profile also reduces your need to self-promote. Instead of sending an email with your bio, presentations, videos, and social media links—just send them the link to your profile.

All your info is right there and the potential client can dive into the info that is relevant to the needs.


3. Use the events marketplace

Use the events marketplace

Get active! At any given time we have 200-300 events looking for speakers on our events page.

You can use the filters to find events that are looking for speakers on your topics in your area, as well as the event type and audience size.

Each of the event posts include key information to help you write a great proposal—like what topics they are looking for, who the audience is, and what specification their ideal speaker has.

This information will help you craft an application that is catered to their needs, which will increase the likelihood of them contacting you.

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