Get more out of SpeakerHub: upgrade now available


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Get more out of SpeakerHub: upgrade now available

We are excited to announce that SpeakerHub is now offering Premium and VIP upgrades for speakers.

While our core service will remain free for all speakers, we want to provide a plethora of new, innovative and helpful tools to help you build your speaker business with SpeakerHub

What do the new packages include? 

This what the free service offers you: 

  • Publish your speaker page: Showcase to event planners a detailed speaker page that you can link to, share and be proud of.
  • Event organizers can contact you: Receive direct invitations or inquiries from event planners (only registered ones to avoid spam.)
  • Add a photo, video, and slide: Show 1 video, 1 photo and 1 slide on your profile's Media section.
  • Speaking opportunities alert (free only): Receive in your inbox a weekly, personalized digest of free speaking opportunities from around the world.
  • Recommended speaking opportunities: See relevant speaking opportunities on the Events page, filtered according to your profile preferences.
  • No commission or transaction fees: Keep all you get and pay zero commission or transaction fee.

Our paid packages include a lot of other features that will help you get more visibility on SpeakerHub and throughout our network.  

Upgrade here. 

Both the Premium and VIP packages now include: 

  • Unlimited photos, videos or slides.
  • Speaking opportunities notifications (weekly digest)
  • Recommended speaking opportunities.
  • Get featured in search: Get more visibility by ranking higher when event planners search for speakers on SpeakerHub.
  • Detailed profile statistics: See how many times your profile was viewed, saved as favorite, shown in search, and keywords used to find you.
  • Share presentations privately with event planners: Share your presentation, workshop and seminar materials and follow-up content with participants publicly. (Available from March 2017) 
  • Exclusive content and webinars: Get access to webinars on building a speaking business, practical tips and resources. (Available from April 2017)

Upgrade here.

The VIP packages also include

  • Add workshop or training agendas: Add an unlimited number of detailed workshop agendas you can be hired for.
  • Video testimonials: Feature video testimonials on your profile page. (Available from  April  2017) 
  • Speaker One-Sheet PDF: Generate a speaker One-Sheet PDF from your profile page and update it any time. (Available from March 2017.) 
  • Promotion to event organizers: Every few weeks we promote VIP speakers to our organizer and event planner partners.
  • Get visibility on our blog sidebar: Get 70% more visibility as readers of our blog articles, including organizers, fellow speakers, and agencies, will see you featured.
  • Get tweeted as Speaker of the Day: Get tweeted as Speaker of the Day (randomly selected from among VIP members.)
  • VIP assistant updates your profile: Save time by sending a new video, article or update to our assistant, and consider it done.
  • Extra-fast customer service: Our team is standing by to help you with whatever your query. 

Upgrade here.

Why should you upgrade?

Our free service is, and will remain, a fantastic way to showcase what you do as a speaker. 

For speakers who are looking for more, whether that is extra tools and content, or more visibility within the SpeakerHub network, the packages will help you. 

The free service allows you to publish your speaker page, search the Marketplace for events, contact and be contacted by event organizers. 

Photo, video, and slide uploads are limited to one item each.

This is ideal for novice and volunteer speakers but if you're actively looking to grow your speaking business and want to find paying events, you probably want to be promoted on the search pages, see your profile statistics and improve your business opportunities.

With the Premium package, you will get 70% more visibility throughout the site. 

Your profile will show up higher in the search results, meaning that when an event organizer searches your keyword tag (e.g. Business leadership) they will be more likely to see your name come up. 

We are expanding our range of services and offering across the board, but moving forward are going to focus more on helping VIP and Premium members to get more paid speaking opportunities by sharing with them the latest paid events, and by promoting these speakers to our organizer and event planner partners.

Want to find out more? 

Do you have questions about how the packages work? Interested in finding out more about the pricing? Find out more on upgrading your account here. 

More questions or feedback?

You can contact us at anytime. If you'd like to chat about your options, or offer us feedback on the package, we'd love to hear from you. 


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