Top 10 reasons to list yourself on SpeakerHub


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Top ten reasons to list yourself on SpeakerHub

If you’re reading this, you might have a SpeakerHub profile already or have received an invitations to join the site.

Maybe you are unsure of what you should do next.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should take a few minutes to fill out your profile, and why our platform is the future of online speaker networking.

1. Create awareness about your cause or topic of expertise

Share your insights on the topics you are passionate about.

Renewable energy? Middle East politics? Digital transformation?

Whatever your message is, you may be looking to spread the word to a wider audience.

Get more speaking experience or improve your reputation as a speaker, creating your profile on SpeakerHub will share your interests and abilities with event organizers from around the world. 

2. Specific resources created for professional speakers

Building your speaking business is no easy feat. 

We help by creating resources specifically aimed at guiding you through building a speaking business — answers to common questions, guides and expert insights, strategies, and trends in the speaking industry. 

Already, there are over 350 articles, podcasts, infographics, and videos on SpeakerHub's SkillCamp, providing you with professional new ideas, expert insights, practical how-to's, and inspiration.

We help you build your business with guides on how to use video, get great testimonials, create a Speaker One-Sheet, negotiate your speaking fee, and find the best technology for speakers and trainers

See our Top 10 most-read articles here.

3. Find more speaking, training or moderating opportunities

Find new audiences, clients, and establish repeat business.

SpeakerHub has a growing list of partners and event organizers, including schools and universities, who use the site to find the right speakers for their events.

By adding your profile to the network, these partners and event organizers can find you and start contacting you about their upcoming events.

4. Be proactive and apply for events

Our Events Marketplace is at the heart of what we are creating at SpeakerHub: being the one-stop-shop for creating connections between speakers and event organizers.

We make it simple to find out about the latest events: either go to the search page and filter the results by location, topic or fee or have events tagged with your topic sent directly to your inbox. 
Go to the events page.

5. Built for all kinds of speakers including trainers, conference speakers, and moderators: paid or volunteer

The site caters to anyone with expertise in any field who is open to speaking at conferences, events or schools as a paid or volunteer presenter.

Even if speaking is just a part-time interest, you can easily attract more projects without any radical change to your current agenda.

Our profiles are built to cater well to different types of users.

6. The profile tools are specifically created for highlighting the skills of public speakers, trainers, and moderators

The profiles are multimedia-rich: you can include videos and podcasts.

You can also attach portfolio material, like presentation slides, Prezis, articles, books, awards, and testimonials.

It is also a great resource to keep your speaking resume up to date online.

7. SpeakerHub's powerful search tools mean you’ll get better visibility

The search functions on our site are designed to get you noticed. 

Fill in your specific topics, expertise, and fields of interest, languages, keywords, locations you are available to, and the kind of speaking you are interested in doing, and event organizers will have instant access to matching you up with their event or meeting.

The more easily they can find you, the more likely they are to contact you.

SpeakerHub Quote: The more easily they can find you, the more likely they are to contact you.

8. No exclusivity required: SpeakerHub is an additional avenue to promote yourself

We don’t require that you change anything about your current setup or that you use SpeakerHub exclusively. 

We encourage you to continue working with your current speaking agencies, associations, and bureaus and use SpeakerHub as an additional tool.

You can connect your account with LinkedIn and other social media platforms to gain more contacts and build your community, the site can even help promote your website. 

Think of us as another way for people to find you online.

SpeakerHub Quote: SpeakerHub is the future of online speaker networking in Europe.

9. You won't need to pitch yourself to get found

Spend more time doing what you love, and less time trying to market your speaking skills.

We all know how uneasy some speakers feel about pitching themselves to event organizers.

We offer an inbound marketing service, meaning you don’t have to find the meeting planners and organizers - instead, they will find you.

You don’t have to worry about a risk like investing in advertising: we will create strategic partnerships, and the organizers will be able to find you with little effort (or cost) on your part.

10. It’s free, and simple to set up

SpeakerHub is the future of online speaker networking.  From speaking agencies to volunteer organizations, speakers across the world are creating their profiles and making new connections.

Get new speaking opportunities with SpeakerHub.  Find out more how it works here.

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