SpeakerHub Website Update No.12: New SkillCamp layout, more online events, and coronavirus-focused content


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SpeakerHub Website Update

Here is a quick update on the latest improvements and new features on SpeakerHub. 

We have added many new online-only events to the marketplace, made finding content on our SkillCamp easier and clearer, and have been creating coronavirus-specific content for speakers.

1. SkillCamp gets a new layout

Each week we post new articles to help you grow your speaking business. From in-depth guides to new marketing techniques, to guest posts from experts around the world, SkillCamp has been created to help speakers with the issues they care about most. 

Recently we’ve changed the layout to help make accessing the content you need more straightforward.  

Finding helpful content just got easier

We’ve posted 365 original articles in the past 4 years. The articles, podcasts, infographics and videos on SpeakerHub's SkillCamp provide professional speakers with new ideas, expert insights, practical how-to's, and inspiration. 

We want to ensure that finding the articles that are most helpful to you is as easy and straightforward as possible, which is why we have created new ways to search and navigate the content. 

Search function improvements

Have a specific topic you need help with? Simply use the search option in the top right corner. 

You can select from the most-searched-for topics, or use keywords to search for something more specific. You can also filter the content based on whether you are a speaker or organizer. 

Article tags to connect you to similar content

Focusing on one particular topic, such as how to network online?

We have improved our tag functionality to help you find similar content more easily. 

By clicking on the tags:


 A. At the bottom of the article, 

B.  In the side panel under “popular topics”

C. In the new search function

You will be taken to all the articles on that topic.

Results for solopreneurs:

2. New online-only events

Over the past few weeks, we have been getting feedback that many of you are searching for online-only events that are looking for speakers.

The Marketplace is at the heart of what we are creating at SpeakerHub, being the one-stop-shop for creating connections between speakers and event organizers—even in these trying times. 

We now have a dedicated team whose sole goal is to find online-only events. They have added 45  paid and free events in the past week alone. 

See the latest events posted here

Applying for online events

Do you know how to communicate effectively with event organizers about what you do, in a way that gets you hired?

These insightful articles from SpeakerHub's SkillCamp help you write stunning applications and see what resources are available to aid you in pivoting to presenting online. 

3.  Content specifically to help during the coronavirus crisis

Recently, we’ve been creating and posting content specifically to help speakers pivot to online-only events. 

We’ve covered all sorts of topics that range from how to build your online audience to how to deal with loneliness during social distancing. 

Coronavirus-focused articles 

See our latest articles on COVID-19 here. 

Here is a list of articles:

Coronavirus-focused World of Speakers Episodes

We are looking for ways to help our speakers and event organizers cope with the changes, and have connected with some of the top experts we have in our network.

Listen to the first episode in our coronavirus-focused World of Speakers series here:

Mitch’s interview

We are aiming for these podcasts to be precise, practical, and helpful. Instead of the usual 45 minutes, they will be 20-30 minute, focused, on-topic interviews. 

Coming up:

  1. Josh Linkner - Innovating in unprecedented times

  2. Dan Gingiss, Shep Hyken, and Mary Drumond - Panel interview on how speakers should consider customer service in these times

  3. Brian Fanzo - How to transition to digital

  4. Winnie Sun - Economic shock and handling difficult financial situations

  5. Goldie Chan - Pivoting from stage to the studio

The World of Speakers Podcast is on iTunes: Subscribe here.

The World of Speakers Podcast SoundCloud: Get automatic updates here

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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