How the fastest growing network of speakers and trainers is going to help your agency gain new leads


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Instantly access new event organizers and grow your business with SpeakerHub

The internet has forever changed the way we do business. There are now dozens of ways to grow, connect and market your agency to event organizers all around the world.

But where do you go to access these new markets?

Is it through Twitter? Or is LinkedIn a better option?

Do you need to pay for a handful of services to help you generate new leads?

Or do you just hope that the new generation of event organizers will just happen to stumble on your website and your speakers?

It can be daunting. We know, we’ve been on both sides. As event organizers, finding the right speaker can be challenging. LinkedIn is great, but doesn’t always provide all the info event organizers are looking for.  As an agency representing a speaker, getting your speaker’s name into the right ear can be hit or miss.

We are looking to bridge the gap.

We are a business focused social networked solely aimed at the purpose of connecting speakers with event organizers.  

We are not in the business of representing speakers, or working out the finer details of negotiating contracts or logistics (something most speakers dislike, which is why agencies are so important.) We are simply a platform where speakers, trainers and moderators can explain what they do, and where event organizers can find the perfect presenter for their event.

SpeakerHub is a whole new marketplace for agencies. You can find new speakers searching for representation, and access a whole network of event organizers to promote your current speakers to.

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The best part about SpeakerHub? It’s no risk.

We’ve talked with a handful of different speaker agencies, and we listened to their concerns. We’ve adapted our site to fit your needs.

Here are the three main questions that came up from the agencies we talked to, and how we’ve worked SpeakerHub to fit your needs.

“Aren’t you cutting out the need for our agency?”

If we are connecting the event organizer directly to the speaker: how does the agency stay in the loop? Very simply: when the event organizer presses the “Contact” button: they are immediately directed to your agency.

The speaker needs you to represent them, to work out the fees, negotiations, and logistics. We are just one of the ways you can market your speakers.

We want to promote your agency. You can add your logo, and your contact info, directly on your speakers’ pages.

You can also have your own branded page, with a brief description of your agency and speaker cards for all the speakers and trainers you represent.

On the topic of speaker cards, you can also embed speaker cards and profile pages on your own website, using the SpeakerHub platform.

“We’ve got hundreds of speakers. It will take too long to create profiles for all of them.”

One agency we were in contact with loved the idea of SpeakerHub, but she leveled with us saying she simply didn’t have the manpower or hours to fill in the profiles for all her speakers.  

We understood: even if you have six speakers, you are looking at a few hours work to fill in all the information needed to make a great profile.

So, you know what we did?

We said “We are going to make this as easy as possible. We will do it for you.”

We have a team who can research your speaker: from their videos and articles, to their Twitter handle. We’ll set up a draft profile for each of them, and all you have to do is press the approve button.

“This is expensive, right? What is your business model?”

We are building a speaker’s social network. Our plan is to have thousands of speakers, trainers and moderators join the site, and give event organizers free access to find, and contact them.

As our network grows, some of our speakers will have the option to pay to be prioritized.

This means they will come up first on the search, have their speaker cards promoted in different areas of the site (like the side panels), and have in-depth features and interviews about them shared on our blog.

Find out more about our Pro and VIP accounts here.

SpeakerHub does not take any percentage or commission from the agency, speaking or training fees, we just want to make sure speakers get found and booked, by ensuring that the event organizers can easily contact your speaker.

We want to work with you. Do you have other questions that we haven’t answered? We’d love to talk to you directly.  You can contact our head of Business Development, Aleksandra Lugovic here.

You can also find out more about SpeakerHub, our FAQ for Agencies, or view some of our speakers here.


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