SpeakerHub Website Update No.11: New features on SpeakerHub


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Here is a quick update on the latest improvements and new features on the SpeakerHub website.

We have improved speaker profiles, made finding content on our SkillCamp easier, and made a change to who can post videos to their profile.

Multiple bios feature on speaker profiles

Do you speak about a variety of subjects and have trouble fitting all your experience and topics into your speaker bio?

We’ve come up with a solution. Now every speaker can add multiple speaker bios to their profile.

If you speak about different topics and have a background related to that topic that you’d like to include, simply set up the new bio with a different title, for example: “Tech Storyteller,” “Innovator,” or “Cybersecurity Expert.”

You can choose which of the bios will show on your page by default, and even arrange them in an order you think will help bolster your profile and be the most helpful to organizers.

Simply go to the section “Personal Details” then scroll down to biographies. At the bottom, you will see a button called “New”

Drag and drop

Showcase them on your profile:

Here are some tips on writing an effective bio:

  • Be clear: Think about what you want the organizer to remember about you after they’ve read it. Have a narrative for each of your bios, and stick to that narrative.

  • Be personable and write in first person: Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Try to imagine you're having a conversation with someone and write accordingly. Keep it engaging and to the point. Writing in the third person can make you seem out of touch and impersonal.

  • Pay attention to the layout: make sure to break the text into paragraphs, bullet points and easy-to-read sections. Event organizers will most likely just scan the text. Make the relevant information crystal clear.

  • Be specific: there is a big difference between giving a presentation to a “large audience” or saying that you spoke to “750 senior-level delegates at their executive retreat.” Include figures, numbers, the level of seniority of your audience, and any other information that makes your expertise more concrete.

  • Keep it current and accurate: Don’t copy and paste sections of your old resume or CV. Fill this section in with what you have been doing lately and what you'd like to be doing. Always stick to what you can actually deliver. False statements and representations can lead to disappointing the organizer, and may even raise future legal issues.

Upgrade for speaker videos

While the majority of our platform remains free for all speakers, trainers, MCs, webinar hosts, event organizers and panel speakers from around the world, we are always looking to add more value to our Silver and Gold memberships so that those account holders will stand out more from the crowd.

As a result, only Silver and Gold members will have videos appear publicly on their profiles.

We want to ensure we are doing our best to serve our paying members so that they get more bookings and build their businesses faster.

Find out more about how SpeakerHub can help you:  “Memberships: helping you build your speaking business

Easily find the articles you need from our newly revamped SkillCamp

Each week we post new articles to help you grow your speaking business, whether you are a  professional speaker, trainer, moderator, webinar host or event organizer.

From in-depth articles that delve into topics like how to get paid to speak, to expert insights and interviews, the SkillCamp is specially created to help the SpeakerHub audience.

Recently we’ve changed the layout and have added some new ways to find the articles that will help you the most.

The new headings at the top of the SkillCamp main page will help you sort through our 250+ articles to find the content most relevant to where you are in your speaking career and your business’ needs.


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The World of Speakers Podcast hits 50 episodes

The World of Speakers Podcast series, hosted by Ryan Foland and powered by SpeakerHub, covers a ton of topics which are relevant to professional speakers and offers a platform for experienced speakers from around the world to share new ideas, practical advice, and unique insights.

We’ve recently published our 50th interview.  

We’ve created a list of some of our favorite episodes, as well as some suggestions on what to listen to specific to your needs.

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Average: 4 (1 vote)