World of Speakers hit 50 episodes (the team’s top picks)


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World of Speakers hit 50 episodes (the team’s top picks)

The World of Speakers podcast was born out of a genuine desire to help mid-level speakers build their speaking businesses, and to have a chance to capture the best insights from some of the world’s best and brightest speakers, trainers, and presenters.

The series, hosted by Ryan Foland and powered by SpeakerHub, covers a ton of topics which are relevant to professional speakers, and offers a platform for experienced speakers from around the world to share new ideas, practical advice, and unique insights.

This week, we published our 50th interview, and would like to share with you some of our top episodes plus give you some suggestions on what to listen to specific to your needs and where you are right now in your speaking career.

While each podcast is varied — ranging from topics that include what works and what doesn't, ideas on how to give memorable presentations, speaking tips, and the in’s and out’s of how to build a thriving speaking business — each of the interviews focus on some aspects more than others. Peruse the list below to decide which podcasts will be most helpful to you.

The World of Speakers team’s top picks

Andras Baneth - Producer

“The most memorable episode for me was the interview with Dr.Nick Morgan. He is a global expert on professional speaking, so it was an honor to have him on the show. As a speaker, I think that body language is a fascinating topic, but what I liked about this interview was his views on trends and how we can adapt as speakers as the world moves in a more digital direction. The insights were relevant and valuable.“

Andras is the founder of SpeakerHub, as well as an entrepreneur, strategic communication, and public affairs expert, based in Brussels, Belgium. He is both a speaker, trainer, and event organizer, giving him a unique ability to understand the needs of the various parts of the speaking industry.

World of Speakers “E.21: Body language in a digital world” with Dr. Nick Morgan


Ryan Foland - Show Host

“One of my favorite interviews to date was with Michael Levy. Michael had me hooked right out the gate as he talked about the importance of "un-common" knowledge. He wasn’t afraid to go deep. We talked about how your mindset and listening to yourself can make all the difference in becoming a successful speaker. And as a bonus, he ended the podcast with a heartfelt poem."

Ryan is the host of the World of Speakers podcast. He is a global keynote speaker and personal branding expert who travels the world speaking to executives on how they can harness the power of vulnerability and authenticity to help build a better, more relatable, more profitable brand.

World of Speakers “E.50: The philosophy of speaking” with Michael Levy


Esther Snippe - Project Manager

“This is really tough because there are so many great interviews, but I think my favourite has to be the one with Cameron Brown. I loved the blend of science, experience, and practical advice given in this interview. Bringing the idea of consciously creating how you feel onto the stage (or basically wherever you are) resonated with me.”

Esther is the project manager, writer, and graphic designer for the podcast. She is one of the main content creators for SpeakerHub, and has a unique and varied background which includes corporate training, content creation, multimedia production, and design. She is based in Brussels.

World of Speakers “E.44: Consciously creating how you feel on stage” with Cameron Brown


Racquel Gabuna - Administrator

“For me, Jessica Cox’s podcast was the most inspiring one. While it doesn't focus entirely on public speaking, it taught me that being able to adapt is a vital skill for everyone most especially when dealing with difficult people. Most of all this podcast is a good reminder that positivity knows no bounds.”

Racquel is the jane-of-all-trades for the World of Speakers podcast, and works out of Manila, in the Philippines. Her background in virtual assisting and customer service means she is able to help in almost every area of the project—from prospecting new podcast guests, to managing guest relations, to publishing all the episodes online.

World of Speakers “E.29: Becoming adept at adapting” with Jessica Cox


Rosario Añon Suarez - Audio Engineer

“Sally Zimney is my favorite of all the podcast episodes I have edited—ever. As a professional audio editor, I find that noises are a common thing on audio recordings: phones, car horns, ambulances... but a power drill in the basement is very unusual. It was really funny to work with that and how Ryan and Sally weaved it into the conversation, which I felt really brought home the point of their interview.”

Rosario is an Argentina-based professional audio engineer who mixes the audio tracks with the intros/outros and makes sure that each episode is a polished professional-grade piece of content. She has worked on over 1000 podcast interviews, and her polyglot background gives her the ability to edit in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese.

World of Speakers “E.43: Don’t be afraid to muss it up: why your talk needs foibles & bobbles & struggles” with Sally Zimney


Marija Agatonović - Transcriber

“I’ve enjoyed almost every episode, but if I have to choose my favorite it would be the interview with Bob Stromberg. It was definitely one of the most interesting. His advice on how to make creativity a habit, and the process of how you transform any idea or any feeling into something creative was really useful.”

Marija is the expert transcriber who creates the full interview transcripts for each episode of the World of Speakers podcast. She has a Master's degree in languages and literature and is based in Serbia.

World of Speakers “E:30: How to be consistently creative” with Bob Stromberg


Need more inspiration on what to listen to next?

Here are some of the key topics you may be interested in, and the podcasts that will offer insights.

Level up your presenting skills

Mastering and forming your unique presentation style will transform you into a memorable speaker. Learn how to use body language, cut nervousness, and engage your audience so that you can get paid to speak on stages around the world.


Create great content

The first step in building your business is creating the best talk you can. And while stage presence and audience engagement are very important, what the audience will remember most is your content. These 10 podcasts will help you discover what audiences are looking for, and help you decide which content will resonate best on stage.


Engage your audience


Learn how to grow your business

Once you've gained the skills and built your experience, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of growing a business. From finding new opportunities to speak, to making money while you sleep, here are numerous ideas on how to grow your business. These 8 podcasts will show you how to effectively build a speaking business. They will challenge your current perspectives on business building, and give you some practical tips on how to grow your business.


Build awareness of your speaking brand

Become a niche expert and reach your specific audience through contemporary online and offline networking methods. The following 7 podcasts will give you tips on how to network, how to sell, and how to use social media and content creation to market yourself. These marketing tools will create a lasting impact on your speaking business.

Use technology to your advantage

While being able to waltz on to any stage and give a breathtaking talk is a skill that many speakers strive for, there are a few tools that you can use to help bolster your talks and market your business. These 4 episodes explore tools and practices that will help you utilize contemporary tech in a way that will help you get more bookings.


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