10 Reasons Why Doing a TEDx Event is Worth It


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Getting booked for a TEDx isn’t an easy endeavor. You need a unique and “rock-solid idea worth spreading”. You have to invest time and money to pitch the right ones. Then if you get booked, you need to show up for coaching and rehearsals. And then, you have to have the courage to stand on stage and deliver it.

So why put all this effort into it?

Because it’s worth it!

What does a TEDx accomplish for you?

1. It builds your authority and reputation.

When you speak on a TEDx stage, it impresses people. They know it’s not easy and by getting TEDx to select you, you’ve already upleveled your image in people’s eyes. Seeing your video further confirms in their minds that you are an expert and authority in your field. It creates a trust factor that you are someone they believe stands above the competition. A TEDx spreads your reputation far beyond word-of-mouth.

2. It gives you the ability to compact and wordsmith a presentation to its essence. 

When you boil down your script to just enough of the right words to deliver your message within the few minutes allotted, you are learning the skills of brevity, impact, and precise communication that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. Verbosity is the curse of many speakers, but TEDx will kick that out of you.

3. It improves your speaking skills.

Delivering your presentation in a way that truly connects with both the live and online audience will make you a better speaker for all your presentations. The coaching that many TEDx events offer as part of your selection can be of incredible value—and you don’t even have to pay for it!

4. It grows your confidence on stage under the spotlight.

One of the great factors about TEDx is that you can’t effectively stand on a stage and be a shrinking violet. It forces you to be courageous. And certainly, by the end of the constant rehearsals, you know you can deliver with impact. You will stand tall on a TEDx stage and that will carry over to the rest of your speaking opportunities. Just knowing you have a TEDx talk under your belt should make you proud!

5. It increases your followers.

You can’t do a TEDx without developing new followers—unless you make no effort to promote it. The good news is that TEDx posts your video on the website. The promoter will likely put some muscle behind it. You should be spreading the word on your own, and, if you’re smart, you’ll build a team of friends, JV partners, and colleagues to push it out to their audiences. And every time you or your “team” spreads the word, there should be a way for people to connect with you—your email list, social media, and a website contact form. It’s a goldmine for new followers and connections.

6. It’s a door opener to business and other influencers. 

Few things are better to open a door to other business leaders and influencers than a TEDx. Include it in your emails, signature, and promotional materials—just even mentioning it in a phone call can be the difference between getting a substantive meeting and not getting one. Influencers and executives like to know they are dealing with someone their level, and your TEDx gives you that imprimatur.

7. It enables you to secure more speaking stages.

When you get on a TEDx stage, you become an in-demand speaker. More gigs will come to you as a result of people seeing you at that one event. Plus, you can now use it in your speaker solicitations, on calls-for-speakers forms, and other ways to get bookers to take you seriously—and put you at the head of their “yes” list. A TEDx is a golden ticket for more speaking opportunities of all kinds.

8. It allows you to leverage your talk to build a bigger audience and a public platform.

And if your desire is to be speaking on bigger stages and to grow a movement, then a TEDx is an ideal way to do that. You’re playing a bigger game once you have a TEDx under your belt. Larger promoters will be less inclined to dismiss you and will give you serious consideration instead. If your goal is to build a movement to become a “public figure,”  then a TEDx is a big step in the right direction.

9. It enables you to book more clients into your coach and consulting program—and charge more money.

TEDx speakers have a cache that many other coaches and consultants don’t have, and what that means is that you can charge more and get it. And, of course, attain more clients with greater ease. Your TEDx talk enables you to elevate your authority and expertise in the eyes of your prospects in a way that opens doors faster. You still have to have the goods, a great program that fits their needs, and rapport—but your TEDx cuts down the questions they ask themselves about whether you are the right one.

10. If it goes viral, well then, of course, you are looking at huge awareness and impact!

Going viral isn’t a sure thing, by any means. Even Brené Brown had to start by asking her academic colleagues to spread the word, and it took time to build.  But if a TEDx catches fire, it’s a beautiful thing! If you are one of the lucky ones, then your TEDx will spread globally and give you massive awareness, impact, and cache.    

If a TEDx has been on your wish list, there’s no better time to start looking than now. If you have a concept for your “idea worth spreading” and you are ready to start applying, SpeakerTunity has created the most comprehensive directory of TEDx events in the world with more than 1,400 events globally over the next 12 months. This directory will help you determine which ones are close to you, fit your timetable, or match your theme. Remember to plan ahead as most TEDx events are booked up to six months in advance. You can always find this valuable resource over at www.SpeakerTunity.com/tedx

About the author:

Jackie Lapin is the founder of SpeakerTunity, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company, providing leads, tools, and strategies for leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs to get booked for speaking conferences, meetings, podcasts, virtual summits, and TEDx events You can also get a professionally designed speaker one sheet. SpeakerTunity is the Speaker’s Ultimate Tool Box. www.SpeakerTunity.com


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