Behavioral science hacks for your next speaking opportunity

Behavioral science hacks

Don’t you wish there was an instant passcode to unlocking audience engagement?

A few tricks that could get your audience to tune in?

A way to reprogramme pre-performance jitters?

Understand a bit about behavioral science can help you become a more confident and engaging speaker.

In an article published by SmartBrief, writer Charlotte Blank gives three highly-effective and practical tips for hacking audience engagement in the article “Behavioral science hacks for your next speaking opportunity” These are tricks and tools you can start using your next presentation.

We’ve summarized the article visually to give you the highlights. 

Page 1: Behavioral science hacks for your next speaking opportunity

Page 2: There is a lot going on in our minds when we take in a presentation, much of it beneath our layer of consciousness.

Page 3: Insights from behavioral science offer endless ways to delight our audiences on an emotional level.

Page 4: 1. Be a tease

Page 5:  We are an inherently curious species, compelled to resolve uncertainty.

Create a curiosity gap to make your audience members eager for the punchline.

Page 6: Rather than revealing your big idea right away, include a teaser or novel question beforehand

Page 7: 2. Paint a picture

Page 8: When John F. Kennedy galvanized the US space program in 1962 with the iconic phrase, “We choose to go the moon,” he didn’t obfuscate the message with abstract language.

Page 9: The audience sees the same picture when you paint it for them

Page 10: Scrap the business jargon, and choose words you would use to describe what you see in a photograph

Page 11: 3. Check in with your body

Page 12:  If you’re nervous, don’t bother trying to calm down before speaking. Instead, tell yourself you’re excited, not anxious. 

Page 13: Emotionally framing your experience makes it easier to change than the intensity of that experience.

Page 14: There’s no such thing as a passive audience. Behavioral science helps us tap into the busy brain activity that creates lasting impressions.

The article “Behavioral science hacks for your next speaking opportunity”  article by Charlotte Blank originally appeared on SmartBrief on June 1, 2017

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