3 Lessons from Winston Churchill on How to Present - 60 Second Visual Summary

3 Lessons from Winston Churchill on How to Present

It took Churchill years to perfect his speaking skills. He practiced until he perfected. There is no way to instantly hack this process, but speakers can learn some valuable lessons from watching and studying Churchill’s techniques. Ethos3, a communications agency, explored some of his methods and we’ve summarized their finding visually, giving you three techniques to consider using in your next talk.

Is it worth speaking at conferences?: 60-second summary

Visualised Article Summary: “Is it worth speaking at conferences”

Neil Patel, one of the world’s top online marketers, explores whether or not conferences can positively affect the growth of your business in his article “Is it Worth Speaking at Conferences” published on QuickSprout last year. Patel has spoke at over 230 conferences, and his advice is both insightful and practical.  We’ve summarised  his article visually, to help share with you his ideas on how to effectively use conferences to grow and promote your company.