What Jobs Are Good for Proficient Public Speakers?


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Jobs for Proficient Public Speakers

Public speaking remains a valuable skill at the workplace, and some jobs require a strong focus on this due to their nature. 

If you are a proficient public speaker, you may want to consider a job where you can utilize that skill. It will give you an advantage when applying for plenty of job opportunities in various fields.


An actor has to memorize scripts and communicate their character. Their work entails telling a story to an audience.

Being an actor requires you to be a good virtual speaker, to hold the attention of your audience, and to ensure that your presentation is engaging. 

Audience feedback will help you become a better actor and speaker. Public speaking skills will enable you to connect with your audience, and getting a feel for the energy flow during acting is an added advantage for any public speaker. 


As a teacher, you must have good public speaking skills because students should be not just passive listeners but active participants. You need to articulate well and pace lessons depending on the students' abilities, and keep content and vocabulary age-appropriate. Public speaking skills are avenues to put across ideas and facts in interesting and creative ways in teaching. 


Part of your role as a broadcaster is to interview people in the studio or another location. You need to have public speaking skills to interview experts or eyewitnesses while covering a story. 


A politician connects with the crowd when delivering campaign speeches and addressing legislation. Public speaking is one of the most important skills in this role. A single speech can make or break a career in politics.  

Persuasive phrases can be important for bringing about the necessary change in your area of jurisdiction. Public speaking is crucial because it can help you to spread messages and learn more about voters’ opinions. As a politician, if you are not a good public speaker, many people will be less likely to vote for you. 

Public speaking skills may let you be passionate about policies and beliefs and achieve goals and objectives. They are also avenues to research issues and talk about them in an informed manner and with conviction. 

Motivational speaker

A motivational speaker uses their charisma, energy, and voice to inspire people to improve their lives. They touch on issues such as finding love, meeting personal development goals, transforming their outlook, and so on.

In your role as a motivational speaker, you influence your audience by speaking to them directly. 

Good public speaking skills include producing great content, planning your speech, and engaging your audience.

Religious leader

As a religious leader, a major role is to inspire people through the spoken word. During a religious service, you will give speeches, read religious texts, and impart inspirational ideas. Clearly, this requires you to have excellent public speaking skills. 


As a professor, you will be required to share your knowledge with your audience, which requires public speaking skills as well as subject matter knowledge.  

Tour guide

Tour guides need to demonstrate confidence and knowledgeability while addressing an audience. 

To be a successful tour guide, you need to understand and keep the attention of an audience who can easily get distracted. You also need to be able to control a group of people.

Company spokesperson

The role of a company spokesperson is to create and maintain the good public image of an organization or a business. A spokesperson communicates with the public and advises their company about public relations.

Key duties include conducting interviews, writing press releases, and advising on marketing and advertising.  

This role requires you to spend lots of time in front of reporters and cameras, so good public speaking skills are a must-have. 


The goal of public speaking is to communicate facts, ideas, and information clearly and authentically. The above jobs require you to have public speaking skills to influence your listeners. As you can see, on top of the prospect of being a solopreneur public speaker, there is a wide choice of traditional employment careers available to you. Good luck to you in the career you choose.

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