10 Powerful Public Speaking Tips from Some of the Best Speakers in the World: 60-second summary


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Visual Summary of "10 Powerful Public Speaking Tips from Some of the Best Speakers in the World"

Want to take your on stage presence to the next level?

Do you ever wonder what makes some speakers enthralling to listen to, while other speakers fall flat?

What are some of the tricks of the trade that sets these speakers apart?

In this article published by LifeHack, Kyle B. Hart rounds up some of the world’s best public speakers for their tips on going from good to great. These top ideas will not only help you get comfortable on stage, but focus on the elements that will make your talks more engaging and persuasive.  Hart explains how to be charismatic and clear on stage to connect with your audience and how to give a strong presentation to captivating your listeners.

We found the article to be a very clear overview on how to instantly improve presentations, so we’re summarizing it visually to share with you the top ideas.

If you’d like to go to the original article, visit this link. “10 Powerful Public Speaking Tips from Some of the Best Speakers in the World.” The article was written by Kyle B. Hart, and originally appeared on LifeHack.

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Article Summary

  1. What transforms a speech into something tremendous, magical even, is the ability to passionately believe in the idea, product, or thought you’re speaking about. People will feel it if you do.

  2. “If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will.”
    -Harvey Diamond

  3. If you state your end goal and deconstruct each point in a logical manner, it will be much easier for the audience to follow along and engage deeply in your message.

  4. Think of them [talks] as a gigantic dinner party with all of their close friends.

  5. Memorization and hefty PowerPoints make a speaker sound robotic. That’s never engaging nor fun.

  6. “You must find someone who wants to help you grow as a speaker.”
    -Dananjaya Hettiarachchi

  7. Practice is essential to delivering a strong, sincere, and succinct message to your audience.

  8. Professional speakers are deliberately slow in delivery. Not painfully so, but a pace that will encourage everyone in the room to hang on their every last word.

  9. As Sir Ralph Richardson puts it, “the most precious things in speech are pauses.” Use them liberally.

  10. Invite the audience to be a part of what your message, not just someone who consumes it.

  11. Be human. Be sincere. Be yourself.

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