Events to speak at in 2021: The Finance and Business Report


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Events to speak at in 2021. The Finance and Business Report

In a sea of uncertainty, the business world has had its challenges too. As some industries have grown and others have unexpectedly plummeted, the financial sector has had to think up alternatives. It’s safe to say that despite reports looking slightly better than for other industries, 2020 was not the best year for the business and financial sector.

Consumer habits have changed considerably and continue to be unpredictable. This means that the demand for some products dropped while for others it skyrocketed. Some hit the jackpot, some drew the short straw. It was a year of repositioning oneself within the market and trying to find a niche that would bring in profits within a business environment that remains under construction to this day. Businesses with a healthy cash flow or those who were quick enough to cut costs at the first signs of trouble increased their chances of staying afloat. Online businesses have been the least affected, while traditional ones struggled to quickly change direction. As a result, the business world is becoming increasingly digitized and there seems to be no sign of a return to pre-Covid norms. 

Whatever happens in the business world has a ripple effect on the financial markets, and thus the uncertainty spreads. 

For speakers in the business and financial sector, these are interesting times. As new technologies emerge under pressure of the demand to speed up digitization, their roles also become increasingly important.  Speakers now have the mission to educate the wider public when it comes to the new technologies entering their lives. Moreover, they have to ask the hard questions that the pandemic has brought to everyone’s attention: is the market economy sustainable, and if not, what alternatives can we envision and what role can new technologies have in shaping these alternatives? 

The predictions of a global recession force experts to rethink how we do business and organize our finances. A quick response is necessary. The good news is that, now more than ever, there is a need for experts to come together, share ideas and expertise, and plan a way out of the impending crisis. 

The conferences happening in the last half of 2021 are a testimony to the urgency with which these issues need to be addressed, and a good indicator for speakers of where the conversations are heading and what is deemed as most relevant by the industry right now. 

Let’s dive in and find some opportunities for you to make your voice heard. 

 Finance and Business

Liveworx is not an event per se, but rather a series - The Limited Series - of digital programs aimed at educating leaders in industrial companies on how digital transformation can create enterprise value, empower greater worker productivity, and make the world a better place. Each episode tackles a different topic connected to digital transformation, and you can watch them live or on-demand if you’re looking for something to binge on a Sunday afternoon. The need for digitization in all industries has never been greater, and with the pressure to adhere to it or be left behind, this event is essential for leaders in all industries. If you’ve got a thing or two to say about the power of digitization and want to help businesses make the most of it, you can apply to be a speaker here

Money Live Autumn Festival 2021 consists of The Big Meet-up hosted by Money Live at QEII Centre, London on 17 November. The banking and finance community will come together for a whole day of stimulating insights, interactive think tanks, and networking opportunities. The best thing about this event is the wide range of topics and formats. Three different studios will be set up, each focussing on topics like Thriving in Today’s Digital Economy, Payments Innovation in Today’s Contactless and Cashless World, and Serving the Digital Customers, which will be addressed in panel discussions, keynotes, fireside chats, and interviews. Money Live has made a name for itself not only for the impressive events it organizes but also for the incredible content it puts out throughout the year. Check out the topics and formats here to get a better idea of what they’re looking for before you approach them.  

The 4th International Conference on Business, Management and Finance will be held from 26 – 28 November 2021 in Oxford, UK. This conference addresses academics in the fields of business and finance. A scientific committee will review all the submissions and select the papers that will be presented at the conference. Unlike more mainstream conferences, where your charisma can go a long way, this one is for the solitary researchers that only once in a while leave their study to tell the world about their findings. If that sounds like you, head over to the online submission form before the 5th of November to get a chance to share the work you’ve been doing with the world.

Cryptocurrencies have been around for a while and last year has only come to confirm that they’re here to stay. The Crypto Asset Lab is organized by the University of Milano-Bicocca and will be held both in-person and virtually, from 4-5 November. The conference focuses on all aspects of bitcoin and crypto-assets, with a special interest in investment, banking, finance, financial services, monetary theory, and regulation. However, if you’re interested in other uses and implications of cryptocurrencies, you’re still likely to find a spot in the lineup. This conference aims to offer a holistic view on crypto, looking at their relation to other payment systems, decentralized finance, economic and monetary aspects of cryptocurrencies, legal and regulatory issues or ethical, and societal aspects of (decentralized) cryptocurrencies. The deadline for abstract submissions is approaching, so follow this link to secure a spot amongst the crypto experts. 

Money20/20, a leading networking platform for those interested in the global money ecosystem, hosted Money Fest from 20-23 July. The virtual event will be followed by two other in-person events in Amsterdam, 21 - 23 September, and Las Vegas, 24 - 27 October. The online event was free and had an impressive lineup. For speakers interested in getting up on the stage in Amsterdam or Las Vegas later this year, this is a great opportunity to find out what the hot topics are and network with some of the most inspiring people in fintech today. You can still apply to be a speaker for the two upcoming conferences, so head over to this page to submit your application. 

The Empire Tech Conference will take place in New York on October 19, 2021. The conference gathers entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers that help accelerate startups for a day packed with keynotes, panel discussions, live podcasts, and more. It aims to help startups navigate the increasingly complicated world of fintech by looking at the current context in which they operate and how this will determine their future direction. A wide range of topics will be covered, from blockchain to AI, data, and more. The application form is not made public on their website, so you will need to activate your network or do a bit of research to get to the right people. 

The Fintech World Forum takes place online this year from 16-17 September in London. Their agenda is just as impressive as their lineup. This year, representatives from IBM, Tandem, Allicia Bank, Railsbank, EU (European Commission), Huawei will cover topics like intelligent automation in financial markets, the future of financial services, open banking, digital identity, open finance. Thankfully, fintech and climate change is also on the agenda. If you have something to add to these discussions, start reaching out to the organizers. 

Future of Fintech is coming to New York and in the homes of all those glued to their screens around the world from 5-6 October. Titled NEW TECH. NEW THREATS. NEW MARKETS. NEW YORK., this year’s edition looks at how fintech has evolved during the pandemic, analyzing the record fintech funding, new disruptive business models, and the digitization of more traditional companies. You can drop the organizers a line here and tell them why they need to book you. 

Re-Work’s AI in Finance Summit is a long way away but planning ahead never hurt anyone. For the last 7 years, this event has been hosted in 11 different cities, and it’s scheduled to take place in New York, 13 - 14 April 2022. It will be a hybrid event, which means an opportunity for speakers from around the world to take part. You can apply to become a speaker here.

The wealth of conferences and the diversity of topics make for a very exciting year to come for experts in the business and financial sector. After a year of learning about how to cope with a crisis, it’s time for speakers to get out there and show us the alternatives we’re all wanting to see.

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