10 Tips for Successful Public Speaking in 2017

10 Tips for Successful Public Speaking in 2017

Staying inspired to speak year after year can be difficult. It’s easy to get sucked into the mundane side of proposals and contracts and hotel breakfasts.

But when you are passionate, your message can have a tremendous effect on your audience. That why we wanted to start this month off with a bit of motivation.

We stumbled upon this article by Nick Morgan published on January 3rd 2017 by Forbes. They offer their top tips for speakers for 2017, and we hope their advice invigorates you and offers fresh inspiration.

Skip the summary and see the full article here.

Introducing: SpeakerHub’s Marketplace

Introducing SpeakerHub's Marketplace

The Marketplace is at the heart of what we are creating at SpeakerHub: being the one-stop-shop for creating connections between speakers and event organizers. We’ve made it simpler for organizers to find people who are interested in speaking at their events, and for speakers, trainers and moderators to find new opportunities.