Why your non-profit organization should hire a professional speaker


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Why your non-profit organization should hire a professional speaker

Many corporations hire professional speakers to motivate their team. 

Non-profit organizations (hereinafter referred to as “non-profits”) are less likely to do this, despite their team members needing just as much, if not more, motivation as do team members at for-profit corporations. 

There is a good case to be made for non-profits to invest in hiring professional speakers to motivate their staff.

Why motivation is essential for non-profits

Working for a non-profit can be a fulfilling experience, but at times, it can be frustrating.

Here are some ways that working for a non-profit can wear your teams down:

  • Results can be difficult to see. Team members sometimes just have to believe that the work they're doing is contributing to something good.

  • The work environment is difficult to navigate. Team memebers often have to work with older technology and go through a lot of red tape. They may have to do more work with fewer resources and be expected to work miracles every day. The pace may also be slower than it is at a for-profit company because so many opinions have to be considered and the bottom line is often not clear.

  • Burnout is high. People who work for non-profits often come in with high expectations. These expectations can be a heavy burden when it comes to doing the actual work.

  • The stakes are higher. A bad day at a non-profit could result in the loss of a life. In contrast, a bad day in a corporate job might be losing a potential sale or a drop in the stock price. When a cause is close to your heart, the setbacks hurt more.

  • You're always fundraising. Many non-profit executives are always worrying about where their next dollar is coming from.

How a professional speaker can help

If you have a message you want to get across to your team, a professional speaker can help you achieve it. 

Team members are likely to be more receptive to new ideas if they hear them from someone outside of the normal chain of command.

Professional speakers often bring a different perspective. 

They can take your ideas and present them in a way that makes your employees see things differently, and in ways that make things a lot simpler for your team members to grasp. 

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If there is a particular topic that touches on what your company does but you do not have any specialists in that field, a professional speaker can help enlighten your team in ways that you may not be able to. 

A professional speaker can also bring energy and inspiration to your organization. 

They can help your team members believe in their own abilities and show them that the work they're doing is very important. 

Many companies hire professional speakers for the team members in management training, in order to motivate them as they learn new responsibilities and prepare to take charge of managing other people in the organization.

Why you should hire a professional speaker

Why you should hire a professional speaker

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a professional speaker:

  • Break the daily routine. People get used to the daily mundanity of their jobs. Doing the same things every day stifles creativity.

  • Stimulate new ideas. Getting out of their normal routines and listening to an external speaker motivates team members to overcome challenges and do a better job.

  • Increase drive to hit goals. A professional speaker can boost the drive of a team through relating tales of overcoming challenges and excelling in particular fields. These stories often inspire employees to become more productive.

  • Inspire your team to take action. A message coming from someone outside of your organization is better received by the team members. Your team needs to have a purpose and needs to be engaged. A happy team tends to be more productive. Having a special event will motivate your team to work hard for your non-profit.

Hiring a professional speaker can motivate your non-profit team and be very influential during non-profit fundraisers and charity events. 

You may also want to consider hiring a professional speaker to represent your organization at a non-profit convention to ensure that your goals and professionalism are communicated effectively.

Want to find a speaker for your team? See our speakers here. 

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