Delta Airlines Case Study: How to get the right speakers for your event


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Delta Airlines Case Study: How to get the right speakers for your event

The Events Marketplace is at the heart of what we are creating at SpeakerHub. 

It allows speakers, trainers and moderators to actively pursue connections and job opportunities and helps organizers find the perfect speakers for their events.

Event organizers from around the world can post their events to the SpeakerHub Marketplace - for free.

Through detailed event descriptions, speakers can search for events that are relevant to them and apply to speak at the event. Event organizers can vet the applicants and contact their shortlisted speakers directly through SpeakerHub, simplifying the process for both sides.

But how can event organizers make the most of these tools?

We want to go into detail on how event organizers can start their vetting process off on the right foot: by having a wide pool of high-quality applicants.

Here is a recent success story of an event posting that was able to obtain hundreds of speaker applications: Delta’s 2017 Global Sales Conference.

Delta’s 2017 Global Sales Conference

Looking for quality as well as quantity


The main aim of Delta Airline’s Global Sales Conference was to impact leaders and innovators in the airline industry.

They were faced with the challenge of sourcing a speaker that could communicate inspiring, educational messages in a dynamic way.

They needed expert speakers who could add value to the following topics:

  • Globalization
  • Business Innovation
  • Drive business forward
  • Goal setting and achievement

After applications were received and the application period drew to a close, the event organizers were able to sift through the “Applicants List” in order to find the right speakers.

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Applicants List

So, what are some of the ways that Delta Airlines ensured they got high-quality applicants for their event?

Set an appropriate fee for your event

Quality speakers know their worth, and very high-end speaker don’t offer their services for free. 

While there is the option to post events looking for “free” speakers, generally these will not attract speakers with the experience the event organizers are looking for such as the ability to make a significant impact on their audience.

The speaker’s fee range for the Delta Airline’s Global Sales Conference was $1,500 - $5,000, and they clearly outlined which costs would be covered.

This immediately got the attention of many of the mid to high range speakers on our platform.

Be goal-oriented

Delta Airlines made their goals crystal clear, and kept focused on what they were looking to achieve in their job posting.

Instead of selecting dozens of “key topics” they kept it minimalist and focused, aiming to reach the speakers who would help them achieve their goals.

Be goal-oriented

This meant that they were able to dissuade applicants who were irrelevant from applying.

One of the key factors in making sure that the right speakers apply for your event is to make sure you know exactly what your goals are.

Be clear about which areas of expertise you’re looking for and when choosing your “Required Topics & Skills” narrow it down to what will help you reach your event goals.

Include a detailed event description

If you want the relevant applications, make it very clear to the applicants what you’re looking for and set the expectations straight from the get-go.

Delta Airlines was very specific in its event description.

By clearly outlining to the speaker what was expected at the conference, applicants could easily judge whether they were appropriate candidates in terms of skill set and experience.

Without being too verbose, Delta Airlines clearly established what they were looking for in their event description and speaker requirements:

Include a detailed event description

About the event:

The Global Sales Conference will bring together over 1,000 members of the organization from all over the world. For three days in Detroit, Global Sales team members will hear from leaders, innovators and colleagues on a variety of topics from the airline industry.

Speaker Requirements:

Payment includes airfare, hotel and speaker fee of $2500 plus negotiable payment in the form of tickets for travel on Delta. Speaker will be required to speak for approximately one hour. Volunteer speakers are welcome.

Audience type/seniority:

Individual Contributors to Vice Presidents

On their event posting, they clearly communicated the goals of the event. They also noted that the conference audience would mostly be made up of senior management who report to vice presidents, meaning it would be a high-profile event to speak at. 

This information was essential for attracting quality applications.

The Delta Airlines organizers received over a hundred high-quality speaker applications for their event. They had the option of expanding their conference’s offerings by incorporating free speakers without affecting their budget.

How did having a relevant event description affect this outcome?

  • Speakers could immediately gauge whether the event is appropriate for them based on topics, location and fees. 
  • Speakers who are looking for high-quality exposure could take initiative to approach the company with a request to speak even if no payment is given.

129 speakers applied, each creating a tailor-made application specifically for the Delta Airlines’ Global Sales Conference.

This meant that the event organizers had a wide variety of choice, making finding the right speaker easier.

Cheat sheet: Why use the SpeakerHub Marketplace?

  • Post free events with in-depth descriptions of your goals, key audience and expectations.
  • Have speakers apply directly to your event, instead of generic applications. The information they provide is specific to your event.
  • Keep all your application information in one place and manage the entire application process on one platform.
  • Review any questions applicants might have through the “Comments” section specific to your event.

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So, how can event organizers make the most out of their event posting on the SpeakerHub Marketplace, getting a wide pool of high-quality applicants?

By setting an appropriate speaker fee and creating a concise, goal-oriented event description.  

Ready to get started? Start finding the right applicants by creating a job posting on the SpeakerHub Marketplace today. 




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