Beat back monotony: Expert speakers can boost your business


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boost your business

An expert speaker is much more than a simple speechmaker.

Owners of businesses large and small hire experts to speak at their functions for a number of reasons, but here’s a crucial one: an expert speaker can reinvigorate an organization from top to bottom.

The right speaker can galvanize an otherwise listless workforce.

They can inspire and motivate employees by clarifying company objectives and outlining a cohesive, holistic approach to achieving goals that gets everyone involved.

galvanize your workforce


And of course, this can translate to greater profits in the future.

Trends in the speaking industry indicate that more and more businesses are hiring expert speakers because they want a greater ROI.

Moreover, the millennial generation is proving to be receptive to those speakers who encompass an authoritative role on an interesting topic.

The desire for engagement is there. Is your business taking advantage of it?

Let’s delve deeper and take a look at other reasons your organization would benefit from hiring an expert speaker at your next event.

Expert speakers motivate

The right expert speaker will be a thought leader who understands your company goals.

They’ll be able to communicate clearly to your team while engaging them on an emotional level.

How do you go about finding an effective speaker with this particular skill set?

Check out this article on how to find the right speaker for your next event.

Some of the additional skills you may want to look for when searching for the perfect keynote speaker:

The speaker will:

  • Focuses on the audience

  • Grasps the conference’s overall purpose

  • Limits the use of props (i.e. engaging the audience naturally)

  • Makes the theme personal

  • Simplifies the overall message

  • Understands entertainment value

  • Understands pacing

If the expert speaker you choose possesses these attributes, they will be adept at motivating your staff.

This in turn will translate to greater efficiency and boosted productivity.

Expert speakers inspire with new ideas

When employees get stuck in a rut, productivity inevitably suffers.

Employees may get bogged down with lethargy due to disinterest in those daily tasks that they view as being mundane.

This is a clear case of lack of inspiration.

A good expert speaker will resolve this problem through an infusion of creativity.

New ideas are the best cure for monotony. Taking your employees out of the daily office routine, putting them in front of a dynamic speaker, and having that speaker challenge them with ideas is the best way to motivate them.

New ideas are the best cure for monotony.

If done right, the speaker will relate through humor and inspirational, personal stories about how they themselves found purpose.

In doing so, they will clarify your company’s goals and inspire the audience to reach those goals.

Expert speakers promote teamwork

Team-building exercises are a fundamental tool in the business world.

Working off the principal of teamwork, a solid expert speaker will not only understand how to communicate a clear vision of your company’s goals, but will also know how to inspire teams to achieve their own internal goals.

An expert speaker will get everyone involved, making sure your staff is pulling together in a single direction rather than pulling apart.

Getting your employees to embrace, not only a single goal, but also to respect one another’s strengths and utilize them as a group, well, that’s a complex task.

However, if you choose the right speaker, it is achievable. They can help your team see each other, and the goals of your organization, in a new light. Sometimes the team just needs a bit of inspiration to adopt a new mindset.

Expert speakers drive performance

By hiring an expert speaker, businesses are looking to achieve results. And good speakers will use all the tools at their disposal to produce those results.

When it comes to job performance, employers need to consider whether employees are inspired to perform to the best of their potential.

A good expert speaker may be able to inspire motivation in the moment, but a great one will coax that potential out of an audience and ensure that the change they’ve sparked fuels better performance long after the conference has ended.

Expert speakers drive performance

Finding the right speaker

These are the reasons to hire an expert speaker at your next conference.

But there are other tips on how to make sure you hire the right person. For example:

  • Ensure the speaker has a fundamental understanding of the topic.

  • Make sure they tailor their speech to your specific audience.

  • Confirm that they are willing to make pre- and post-conference appearances and participate in Q&A sessions, and

  • Prioritize those potential speakers who ask a lot of questions about your organization, industry and topic.

But that doesn’t absolve you of all responsibility. You need to work with the speaker you select.

Engage with them through every step of the process.

Request to see drafts of their speech and offer input to ensure it effectively addresses the theme of your event.

Do these things and you can rest easy knowing your business will get the infusion of energy and motivation it needs.

About the Author:
Ryan Gould is the Vice President of Strategy and Marketing Services Elevation Marketing. A strategic marketing and branding expert, Ryan helps Elevation’s clients solve their problems and achieve their business goals through integrated marketing solutions distinguished by research, storytelling, engagement, and conversion. 


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