SpeakerHub Website Update No.10: Making it easier for event organizers to find and invite speakers


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Website update No. 9: Making it easier for event organizers to find and invite speakers

Over the past few weeks, we’ve added new features that will help event organizers find and contact the right speakers more easily.

There are also new tools that will help speakers market themselves more effectively.

We want to start something fun!  Whenever a new speaker signs up to SpeakerHub, their Twitter audience will grow by one: us! Connect with us on Twitter.

Making it easier for event organizers to find and invite speakers

Suggested and recommended speakers

We want to make it simple to find the right speakers for your event.

By instantly matching up the keywords from your event description with the skills and topics of our speakers, SpeakerHub can generate a list of presenters that would be suitable to speak at your event.

Once you’ve created your event, click the “Invite Speakers” button, and you will get a list of the most relevant speaker profiles.


Suggested and recommended speakers


Screen grab: Saturday, April 29th, 9:30am: signed is as an organizer

signed is as an organizer


Add the 20 speakers who you’d like to hear more from to your list, and we will message them an invitation to apply for your event. We have initially capped the number of available invites at 20 people, but this is just a daily limit, so you can keep coming back and invite more throughout the application period.  

After you’ve added your new event, we will email you with a few new speaker options. 1 week, 4 weeks and 8 weeks later (providing the application period is still open) you’ll get 6 new recommended speakers each time that you can invite with a click of a button. 

View our most recommended speakers first

When you are starting your search for speakers, you can now prioritize seeing the speakers with the most recommendations first.




Suggested topics in Search

When you start typing a search term into the 'search' box, the system will automatically suggest tags/keywords with the text you type, making it easier to narrow in on more specific topics.

Streamlining email communication

We know that sometimes keeping your inbox organized is enough work without having to jump between accounts to manage your speaker applications and notifications.

You can now edit and add your preferred email address for each event you add in the event editor.


For Speakers

Profile Assistant

Discover more ways to enrich your profile. 

The new 'profile assistant' box suggesting what information you could to add to your profile to make it more complete and rank higher in search results.


Still having some trouble with getting your profile up to 100% complete? We’ve got a team on hand who can help. Email us directly. 

Do you have any suggestions for ways we could improve the site? We’d love to hear your ideas. Contact us here.


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